Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wedding Card and a Moan.....

 Morning everyone, what a week I have had - disastrous is more like it.
 Let's go back a month. My washing machine broke. It was old, had it a number of years and was going to cost too much to repair. So we invested in a new one. Larger machine 9kg drum / 1600 spin, which is perfect for all the washing my girls give me. 
Friday, I went in the garage to take some meat out of the freezer to find it had broken down too. Everything defrosted, blood and water every where. I sat and cried at all the food we had to throw away. We had only just bought a whole pig and lamb from the farm shop. I took photos etc - then found we wasnt covered on our insurance. I was so upset to say the least. It was 12 years old and we got it second hand back then. 
Sunday my toaster broke, Monday the kettle went pop. Then yesterday as I loaded the washing machine - that went bang as it went on spin. The machine sounded like it had nuts and bolts inside it. Only 5 weeks old - by this time I was a wreak. An emotional one - not been myself lately so this made me worse. I got on the phone to Hotpoint who said it could take 3 weeks for the engineer to come out. I lost my temper, screamed and shouted at him to get one here today or tomorrow or I'm taking it back to Currys for a new one. Engineer is coming at some point today.
 So.....I went to Currys to buy a freezer, kettle and toaster. To be told I had to pay £28.00 for delivery on top of the £349 for the freezer. So I said that we would pick it up from the store. They then said "we don't do that anymore". I told him I didnt want the freezer then and would go else where. He then said " suit yourself ". How rude!!! So I came home went on Curry's website - got the same freezer for £314 and FREE delivery and it comes tomorrow. 
Some times LIFE just sucks!! So all in all Curry's have had just under £1000 out of us in a month. We been saving for a new settee - won't be getting that for a long time yet!

So on to a happy note lol. Wedding season is upon us and requests are coming in already.
I so love making wedding cards. I get so much joy from them. 
For this I used a LOTV pre-coloured image. Now I was going to put a link for them but they don't seem to be in their store anymore. Sorry folks.
The theme for this wedding is lilac but as I have 2 cards to make for the same couple I did this one in blue.
I have used NitWit Papers from LOTV - Petal Fresh.
These are LUSH and so need to get some more. Love them!!
I went for a criss cross card as 18 people were signing the card. So there are 3 inserts in the flap for them to sign. I put a sentiment in the corner which reads " Something Blue " thought this was ideal with using these lovely shades from the paper pack. 
 I decorated the front and back of each insert. This picture also shows the box I made. 
Card measures 7"x7"'s - large for me and I did stress over over. Especially with the week I had.
Flowers are as always from Wild Orchid Crafts and some from docrafts.
Ribbon and gems from stash too.
My favourite Spell Binder Die - Floral Ovals.
Magnolia Butterfly / Dragon Die Cut.
Well, that's it for me today. I'm now off to finish the other wedding card. I'll catch you all soon. So for blabbing on a little to you all. But as they say, it helps to talk.
Take care all - catch you soon.
Hugs & Loves


  1. These are very beautiful! What a month you have had. I would definitely let Curry's know about the rude service you received. The real world can be so mean. I prefer the niceness of the people in blog land so much better sometimes. Hope things get better an nothing else breaks. Hugs, Robin

    PS My sister has some candy if you are interested at

  2. Poor you, you've had a really bad time of it, I hope things get better for you soon! Your card is stunning!!!! The design and colours are simply beautiful!

    Take care,
    Gina x

  3. OMG Tammygirl....sounds horrible. Made my cry too almost! :(
    Hope things will be better now hun.

    The card is just soooo gorgeous! ♥ ♥


  4. Gosh Tammy, you have certainly had your share of bad luck. Hope things are on the up now.
    Your card is stunning. Beautiful image and love the design and embellishments.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  5. it did make me cry as i cannot even imagine going through that with out curling up in a ball and just bawling my eyes out! We wouldnt even have the money to replace any of those things if it were to happen to i feel for you girl! I miss you tammy....from our time at teddybo! hope things look up! hugs to you, and beautiful card!

  6. I am so sorry about your appliances - you know the old saying - when it rains it pours! Your wedding card is gorgeous - hopefully that is a new sign tht everything is on the up and up!!


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