Saturday, 1 September 2012

My first attempt at crochet

 My first attempt at crocheting - used 3 balls of double knitting in cream and beige round the edge. I mixed the cream and beige together to make the flowers. Sewn buttons in the middle to finish off.
 Please don't take my word for this but I think I used double crochets ( TUTORIAL HERE ) and single crochets on this blanket. The flowers ( TUTORIAL HERE ) are not perfect but for a first timer, I am pleased with the end result.
 So easy to do.
Now this second blanket - is again done in double knitting in a mint green baby wool.
The picture doesn't really show its true colour. I'm on my second ball of wool and plan to use four.
I found the pattern on the internet just googling free patterns.
 Here is the link.
This is the pattern I downloaded.

Here are the tutorials that I followed on youtube.
single crochet - HERE
triple crochet - HERE
I hope you can click on the links - and enjoy playing like I have,
Happy Crafting.
Hugs & Loves


  1. WOW i wasn`t expecting this post for a few day`s so brilliant to see it came up.
    WOW Tammy these are brilliant,now i defo want ago!!! of to have a nose at the tutorials to see if i coul actually manage it.Love the flowers that might be my first go!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Oh wow!! they are so beautiful! I can't believe it's your first attempt. Off to take a look at the tutorials.
    Love,Mel. xx

  3. Wow how did you manage this on your first attempt, ive been tryig for years and have never produced something as beautiful as this!!! its goreous me lovely big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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