Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thank-you Card - Nurse Tilda

Good morning crafters. Today I'm sharing a thank you card that I have made for the doctor and nurses that cared for me in Nuffield Hospital. They really did look after me well, before and after my treatment. Sometimes I think the NHS should take a look at private hospitals and treat their patients as good as the private sector do. I can honestly say they really do take every measure to make sure your looked after well. When I had my gall bladder ( NHS ) out I warned the staff that I'm terribly sick after any operation - the anaesthetic really doesn't agree with me. They didn't listen, which meant I was sick constantly for 3 days. Now it's not nice when you have had the operation I did have. It puts a lot of strain on your stomach and did mean I was in a lot of pain.
Now going private - I again warned them. I also learnt that people who suffer from travel sickness
( which I get ) also get sickness from an operation. Some of you know its like motion sickness - I actually feel like I'm on a small boat in the middle of the sea experiencing the worst storm ever.
I was given two injections to stop this sickness. You know what -  I woke from my surgery feeling fantastic. I could have eaten a 3 course meal and walked around with no dizziness what so ever, no high blood pressure. I was on top of the world. Now why couldn't the NHS do that for me.
Overall, they looked after me so well - I had no complaints what so ever. So this is why I made the this card - to show my appreciation.
I have used Nurse Tilda from the Winner Takes All Collection 2011.
She's been coloured with Pro-markers.
Papers are a mixture of PAPERMANIA - Lucy Cromwell & FOREVER FRIENDS - New Arrival.
I have added buntings to the bottom of this card - really does give a  lovely finish.
This idea is NOT my own but from the lovely Mandy ( Totally Tilda DT ). Her cards are stunning! You've just got to go over and have a peek and leave her some love. They just blow me away.
Flowers and gems are from Wild Orchid Crafts.
Small Butterfly Punch - Tonic Studio.
Cheery Lynne - Fanciful Flourish - can't be without this die at the moment - best one ever.
Sentiment - Craft Work Cards.
I'm off up the post-office now that I have shared this card with you. 
Happy crafting. 
Hugs & Loves


  1. Hi me love, I know what you mean im exactly the same and have been thourhg exactly the same I dread ops!!!! I cant afford private though, so I dont want any more, and im off for a scan tomorrow eek, Your card is beatuiful and im sure its even more os in real life if thats possible!!! they are gonna love it darlin, take care, love from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I had my G.Bladder out about 20 years ago..and thats the age that I was. I was the youngest person that particular hospital had operated on to take it out. I wouldn't wish the symptoms & pain on even my worse enemy! It was horrendous. Hope you're ok now. Also wanted to say that I love this design. Simply beautiful :) I have been looking for your email address on here but couldn't find it (maybe I've missed it somewhere lol)as I wanted to ask you a question. So I will ask it here :)

    In regards to the photo you took...
    you were able to put 3 images in the one image. I have been trying to do that ... but can't seem to do it. Just wondering if you could help me understand, maybe lead me to a tutorial or something. I have Photoshop.
    Here is my email address:
    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
    Sorry for the long post lol.
    Take care & keep up the great work.


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