Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sneak Peek

Good Morning Everyone.
Thought I'd let you know how I am and show you a sneak peek.
I've healed reasonably well, in fact you can't really tell I have had surgery. 
My ribs are still a little sore.
The only thing that's getting me down is my legs - it's like they can't hold me for long. They ache so much and throb. People keep telling me it's because I'm doing too much - I'm so use to being active. At the weekend Hubby took me shopping ( yes you did read that right ) two hours round Morrison's tired me out that much, I slept for 3 hours after. I just sat down and fell sleep. This isn't me at all, so it  is getting me down a bit. My friend Simone as been round every other day, so the company as been good. She's tried so hard to get me back in the craft room, bless her. 
The preview of the above card took me just under 2 weeks to complete. I was getting so angry with myself cus I couldn't even turn the handle on my cuttle bug. 
I laugh at myself now but gowd I was getting so frustrated lol 
I did manage to get a bit of colouring done though - will try and get some cards finished soon.
Any way I'd best get myself dressed, as my Daughter will be round soon to take me town.
So need to get out of the house. See you all soon.
Hugs & Loves


  1. Bless ya Tammy,it must be hard for you.One minute being able to do things then wham,tired out doing the simplest of things.Take it easy though you dont want any set backs!Have a lovely time with your daughter in town and can`t wait to see the card in full.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Sorry to hear things have'nt been too good for you,it's so frustrating not feeling like yourself,i'm sure the trip to town with your daughter will do you some good,sending big hugs :) x

  3. Pleased you have a freind to get you up and aboutme darlin, i went back to work two weeks after my op!!! I was shattered every day! so I know how you feel, but I ho eyou have at least had a bacon buttie without pain lol, take care and have alovely easter Tammy loads of love from me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hiya ducks, I've been missing you. Glad to hear the you're getting better,
    Big hugs
    H xx

  5. No fair! I need more than that! Looks like Lilli has gotten some Tammy funds! Glad you are do better!


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