Wednesday, 14 March 2012

3 more sleeps until my operation

Morning everyone.....3 more sleeps before my operation. Sleeps....thats a joke.....I've been waking up early every morning....must be playing on my mind.
Yes, I'm scared - terrified to say the least but a little excited too. 
Can't wait to tuck in to a bacon sandwich - not had one in months....golly gosh I can almost taste it now.
Fruit - I miss too, but always gave me bad acid. Dribbles down my chin at the thought. I'm off to get myself some new jim-jams for my stay in hospital. YES stay!
I was told that I'll just be a day patient.
Yesterday I had another pre-op - ( arm black from taking bloods ) and she said the surgeon likes to keep his patients in over night. Mother's Day in a ward full of sick people, doesn't appeal to me at all.
It's strange as I'm more worried about the girls than myself and know I should focus on ME!
I know they will be fine, its Victor Meldrew ( hubby ) ....he'll be saying to the girls " hoover up for you Mam, get the washing done, whats for tea "? Our Megan won't put up with it and Chloe will tell him what she thinks - I just don't want to be sitting around listening to it....cus I'll end loosing my rag!!
 I hope that you will all be thinking of me whilst your crafting. 
I've been stamping and printing stamps to colour to keep be busy whilst recuperating.
Once I'm better I'll be card making again. I'm off now - things to do, places to go.
Love to all.


  1. Hi Tammy, I hope you aren't too worried about your hospital stay. If you can get some sleep I'm sure you will feel so much better. Your family will just have to muddle through and look after you, everything will be fine. hugs sue x

  2. Good Luck for your operation.
    Look forward to hearing from you after the op.
    Suzie xx

  3. Sure going to miss you hun! I'm crossing all my toes too! Prayers are abundant and I'll be waiting to hear from you when your able. Hope the pain disappears completely and you can get back to eating at least fruit! Geesh!
    Good luck
    Thinking of ya!
    Tammy Louise

  4. Hi me lovely stop worrying will you, bymonday it will al be a memory, and you will feel better, of course I will think about you while im crafting bless you I think of you often anyway sweetheart, please try and not worry you will be fine just you wait and see, sending massive huggies to you love June xxxx


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