Wednesday, 28 March 2012

On the Mend.....

Good Morning folks. 
Thought I would let you all know how I've been since my surgery.
Swelling is going down now and I'm more mobile. Though get tired quickly. I guess I'm trying to do too much too soon. 
 The day of the surgery started off badly. We arrived at the ward for 7.30, to hear staff complaining about Mr Vakis ( surgeon ) taking a Saturday surgery. We weren't allowed to use the ward toilets as we were not classed as a patient until we were in a bed. The anaesthetist called me at 9 a.m. to complete paper work and to tell me there's no beds, but not to panic. 
Yeah right....I was fuming. Been up since 2 a.m. not eaten since the day before..thirsty and so needed a cuppa and fag to calm my nerves.
I was still sitting on a plastic chair, Eric snoring at 11.45 when the surgeon asked me to come out in the corridor as he wanted a word. You can imagine how I was feeling..."Gowd he's sending me home". He was so as well.. ( a Greek hunk of a man ) lol. He told me he'd found me a posh bed - on the private ward and a nurse would come down and fetch me shortly. 
On arriving in my beautiful room...Eric ( Hubby ) left. Could have walked with me to the theatre. Instead I learnt he was missing the football! 
Operation went well...I did have breathing complications so had to have oxygen for an hour or so after and the drip too. Scary. I was in my room by 3 p.m. the girls were first to arrive. 
Bless our Megan cried so much.
I was home at 9.30p.m.....could of stopped in over night but Megan was beside herself and my bed is so much better. Meg said that there was no way she'd have gone to America if I'd had it on the 30th.
So....Chloe took two days off work, school gave Megan 3 days off school. My girls have been wonderful, really looked after their Mum - so very proud of them both. Tasha, my eldest as been doing the shopping for me.  Eric ( Hubby ) took no days off at all.
 I have to say - all the running about I do for family and friends, I was shocked that I have heard nothing from them. Not a text, call or email. So of course when your alone and feeling inadequate, your mind works over time.
So I'd like to thank - June  and Kerry ( Internet friend from way back ) who have sent me kind messages. My closest friend Simone - who as put up with my moaning for a few days. Debbie, from Teddy Bo's design team for her lovely card - no matter how your feeling she always thinks of you with a card. Thank you Sweetie. Finally my followers, who also sent me some wonderful messages.
Thank you so very much.

So that's it....I've decided that, there is no way I'm running around after anyone again. They will be treated the same way as they've treated me from now on. The same goes with Hubby....whom I gave my all for 6 months when he had the heart attack. Not one single day as he taken time out......except for a day off to fetch his new van! MEN!!!! 
You certainly live and learn.

I don't have one of my cards to share with you - as I really haven't felt like making one. Strangely - not even missed making one - sorry folks - but I will get back in to it - soon - promise. 
I have actually learnt myself to crochet - made a few granny squares for a baby blanket. 
Will show soon.
Though my Daughter Megan made a card for me, for Mothering Sunday.

Hasn't she made a smashing job? 
Everyone was moaning at her - for being in my craft room and using my bitz and bobz.
" Mum's gonna kill you, make sure you put everything back " they kept shouting.
How could I have moaned at her? This card is wonderful and will be treasured forever.
This is the first time I have seen her creative side too. Though she has said she won't be making another in a hurry. This one took her 3 hours ( Bless ) and said it's the hardest thing she's ever done.
Certainly cheered me up.
So my sweet friends - I've sat here for what seems ages - I'm going to have a soak in the bath. Hopefully catch you all soon. Again thank you for thinking of me.
Hugs & Loves

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Teddy Bo Tuesday & New Challenge # Easter

Here's hoping this post works as I have scheduled this one, with recuperating from my surgery.
It's time for another challenge at Teddy Bo - the theme this fortnight is EASTER

I've done this simple layout to make use of all my scraps. I actually enjoy doing this style -  you can tell from some of my last posts.

I have used ME TO YOU - Papers - Spring Chic - LUSH!
I printed Bo & Bea on to linen textured canvas glossy card, which is for photo's.
This was an experiment - just wanted to see how the pro-markers colour on it. 
I'm actually pleased with the end results.
Ribbon from my stash.
Sentiment - Scrap-a-licious

 Flowers are Wild Orchid Crafts.
Cherry Lynn Die - I so love this particular die - can you tell?
Finally a small box to hold tiny Easter eggs - this was meant for my Grand-daughter  at Easter - but Tammy didn't put it away quick enough - in Holly walked and munched all the eggs.
She didnt really care for the box - bless her!

Can't wait to see all your creations for this challenge. Good luck everyone.
Catch you soon.
Hugs & Loves

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

3 more sleeps until my operation

Morning everyone.....3 more sleeps before my operation. Sleeps....thats a joke.....I've been waking up early every morning....must be playing on my mind.
Yes, I'm scared - terrified to say the least but a little excited too. 
Can't wait to tuck in to a bacon sandwich - not had one in months....golly gosh I can almost taste it now.
Fruit - I miss too, but always gave me bad acid. Dribbles down my chin at the thought. I'm off to get myself some new jim-jams for my stay in hospital. YES stay!
I was told that I'll just be a day patient.
Yesterday I had another pre-op - ( arm black from taking bloods ) and she said the surgeon likes to keep his patients in over night. Mother's Day in a ward full of sick people, doesn't appeal to me at all.
It's strange as I'm more worried about the girls than myself and know I should focus on ME!
I know they will be fine, its Victor Meldrew ( hubby ) ....he'll be saying to the girls " hoover up for you Mam, get the washing done, whats for tea "? Our Megan won't put up with it and Chloe will tell him what she thinks - I just don't want to be sitting around listening to it....cus I'll end loosing my rag!!
 I hope that you will all be thinking of me whilst your crafting. 
I've been stamping and printing stamps to colour to keep be busy whilst recuperating.
Once I'm better I'll be card making again. I'm off now - things to do, places to go.
Love to all.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cuddly Buddly - Teatime Teddy - Again!

Gosh - I can't believe how popular this image as been for my Mother's Day cards this year.
I've made 6 so far - hopefully my last as I so need to put all my craft things away before my operation.
Though I will be printing a few stamps off and stamping some of my Maggies. That way, when I can't get about I can actually do some colouring instead.....I won't get bored then. That's the only thing that will bother me most of all - not doing anything.
Another simple layout to use all those scraps.
I have used ME TO YOU - Papers - Spring Chic - LUSH! Double sided too.
HERE is the link to the printable. 
No colouring for me - good job as I'd have never got them all done in time.
Wild Orchid Craft Flowers.
Ribbon from stash - I think that too was ME TO YOU ribbon.
Fanciful Flourish - Cherry Lynn Designs. I so love this die - better than some of the others I have.
Well, that's it for me today. Got loads round for dinner today. So no time to play. I have to move all my craft things off the table or everyone will be eating on their knees.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks. You just may get one more card from me this week.
Hugs & Loves

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cuddly Buddly - Teatime Teddy

I bought this kit a few years a go - in fact it must 5 years now. 
My Daughters friend asked for a Mother's Day card with Cupcake or Teddy's on - so this was ideal. The best part of it - once I did one, someone else wanted it, then someone else wanted it. So I ended up doing 3. They are slightly different with flowers and the positioning of the swirls.

I got some great linen textured photo card from Poundland and gosh everything prints off so well. 
So another trip to the store is a must have before they run out.

It's not like me to use a kit - but this time is was easier, especially with having to do 3. 
Just print and cut. The flowers and gems are from Wild Orchid Crafts
Insert matches the front too. Well, that's the last of my Mother's Day cards done - just need to make a start on Easter ones. I only have until end of next week to get them done - my operation is due on the 17th. Not looking forward to it - but will be pain free.
Got to shoot now, lots to do, places to go and very little time to get what needs to be done.
Have a good weekend folks.
Hugs & Loves


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

tutorial # texture

Adding texture to your stamped images.
I found this effect / texture last week on blogland and just had to give it a go. Before I went and bought the solution I needed.....I popped to my nearest craft shop to see if they stocked the product. Then as they do demo's, I asked if I could demo it before buying. Yes.....she gave me the look of " the cheek " but I wasn't going to pay out £5 if it didn't work. The demo I saw on the net was done with copics, and as I don't have them I wanted to try it with pro-markers.
YES!!! It worked and she was well impressed - said politely " do you want a job "?  
So the products you need are -
 Blending solution / copics / pro-markers and cloth. 
I used a dish cloth as this had a pattern on it that was small enough to give the texture on Bo's jumper.
Put a little of the solution in to a spray bottle - I had a spare one from my glimmer mist, so used that.
Practise makes perfect! So I just scribbled on to some card..... let it dry a little.
Then spray the blending solution on to the cloth, don't over wet it......gently place over the top of the coloured image - Bo's jumper.......then press lightly.
The end result is -
Doesn't it look fantastic? Once I have finished my colouring I will show you the stamped image.
What I do recommend is - just colour the area that you want the texture to appear on. Let it dry, then finish colouring the rest.....else the effect will appear where you don't want it.
HERE is the tutorial if you don't get mine.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Magnolia - Tilda with Ballet Shoes

Good Morning everyone - hope I find you all well. This is a card I made a fortnight a go. 
I haven't made a card for a whole week. Two more weeks and my operation is to be done. Yes - 2 weeks....had all my paper work and its been brought forward to the 17th of this month. What a shock it was.....I was shaking like a leaf...palpitations too.....certainly wasn't expecting it to be earlier. At least I only have two weeks of fretting not four! Plus it looks like I have my wish of having a lazy day for Mothering Sunday - cus I will feel and look like poo. Best lap it up whilst I can, hey?
I have coloured Tilda with Pro-markers and used Poly Pencils for some shadowing.
Papers are PAPERMANIA -Capsule Collection. LUSH!!! So wish I bought 2 packs now as they are beautiful.
Flowers as always are Wild Orchid Crafts.
Ribbon is from papermania too - the same collection.
Sentiment from TLC 
Please excuse the poor pictures - very dull my's look a little blue, don't they?
Love this style of layout - makes good use of all my scrap papers. 
I'm off now folks - going to have a nap - had very little sleep last night.
Done my chores, so I guess it's not going to hurt, is it?
Catch you all again soon.
Hugs & Loves