Friday, 6 January 2012

Altered Book

Good morning bloggers and crafters. Hope that Christmas and the New Year was all good for you all. Wasn't too bad my end - rather quiet to say the least - didn't feel like Christmas at all.
Sadly I haven't made a card for well over a month. With my health not being good and it getting me down, I just lost my mojo altogether. I didn't even have the computer on to check blogs or gain any inspiration. So I gave myself a kick up the bum - told myself to get my act together. 
I love Pinterest and do spend some time on the evenings browsing the site on my mobile phone. This was how I came up with my latest creation.

On the above site, I found an altered book, created for old black and white photos, which are slipped in between the pages. Amazing! I have created mine for Birthday Reminders.
I bought an old book from a Charity Shop. 
An hard-back book is best and in my case the older, tatty, torn look was much nicer.

Decorate the inside covers. You don't have to do the front of the book as it will remain open and no one will see it. Fold every single page in half - yes every page! I sat and did mine whilst watching late time TV - was quite relaxing actually. You don't need to do any gluing. 
I then used my Nestabilities and cut 12 small squares - using these to attach the first letter from each month of the year. I attached with glue to the pages.
I then printed on to 5th AVENUE - PAPER PAD all names and address's of friends and families and the date of their birthdays. Cut each and everyone out with MAGNOLIA DOOHICKEY TAGS, then mounted them on to card stock. Decorated with gems. I did place ribbon through the holes but once I placed inbetween pages it looked too much.

Then I decoated with WILDORCHIDCRAFT flowers, butterflies, gems and a small gold key.
All finished....sits nicely on my desk and hopefully I now won't forget anyones birthday. 
I'm off to town again today and will be purchasing another hard-back book - this time a little bigger.
Well....I have a few things to do before I go to town. Have a good weekend folks.
Hugs & Loves


  1. OMG Tammy. WOW! I mean, just WOW! This is so totally gorgeous.
    Really clever idea and the tags and blooms you used to decorate it are beautiful.
    I am a Pinterest fan too - and this is definitely going on my board.
    Caroline xxx

  2. A wonderful work of art!
    I love it!
    Wish you a nice weekend!
    Hugs Nela

  3. So beautiful Tammy...such a wonderful idea hun :o)

    have a lovely weekend...hugs Vicky xx

  4. Tammy,happy new year to you and WOW what a start!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This looks amazing.

  5. Tammy this is a work of art - absolutely fabulous. So glad you have got your mojo operational again. Your creations are amazing.

    Edna x

  6. Tammy you are truly AMAZING. Whatever will you think of next. I love looking at your blog and sometimes i try to follow the tutorial links you give amd make something but never anywhere near as nice as what you do. well done hun and keep them coming. x x

  7. Hi Tammy, another stunner, I have Just sent Jim to the charity shop for a book, lets see if he gets the right one. I had never heard of Pinterest till you posted this, so thanks for that, but its taking up to much of my time now lol. As I always say Tammy I owe a lot of what I do to you, you have been an inspiration from the first day I met you on the daisy website, however I am still designing digitally, unlike you I haven't moved on. Thanks again, I will be making my Altered book as soon as I have a book to alter. Happy new year to you and yours, I hope you are feeling a little better? Mandy xxx

  8. OMG you never fail do you!!!! this is out of this world, oh Tammy you are sot alented, wish I could take a page out of your book lol, this is beautiful and I have to keep looking at it. Hope you arent in toomuch pain darlin and ive missed you, My chrissy card is the only one up Im keeping it there as its so beautiful love and huggies june xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. love, love, love this Tammy. It's so pretty.
    I may have a bash at this, beautiful work
    Anne x

  10. Hi Happy New Year !! Wow when your mojo goes it definately comes back with a bang !! This is so out the box !! Really love it ! Such a cool idea ! Adore the flowers and tags ! and so many pretty details !! Stunning !! Kitty ;0)


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