Thursday, 10 November 2011

Update on my Hospital appointment

Hello to my crafting friends - what a bloody day I have had! Was at the hospital for just after 9am. Sat there for an hour when I was taken away to have my weight / height and BMI done. At 10.30 I was called by the doctor - once in there I realised it wasn't the doctor / surgeon I was meant to be seeing. My doctor was running late so this one took over some of the patients. Hope your ready for this........he was asking me questions on my health and the pains I was getting - he said " It seems to me you have IBS and I can't understand why you are here "! Cus of all the waiting Tammy was fuming and I asked him if he had read my notes - as I have two large gall stones and an infection in my gall bladder - that I was here because I was having surgery. All he said was " OH "! So off the nurse went to print my notes off for him. I then signed the paper work for the which he informed me I would be a day patient....arrive at 8am and will be home by 2pm. Truthfully..... I have come back home more scared than ever now.
Day patient - surely that cant be right? What if  things go wrong - complications after being sent home?
I did lots of research on the surgery, everything I read - your normally in hospital two days. I asked him why a day patient and he said I was healthy and didn't need me to take up beds when I could recover better at home. Shocking or what? The operation will be carried out before Christmas too. My pre-op is booked for the 6th December.
So I got home at 12pm......and done nothing but walk up and down the living room scared out of my wits!
I'll be alright I know - so off for a cuppa and a fag - need it badly!
Love to all xxx


  1. Awww nooo my poor friend!! The health care in this country is absolutely shocking Hun. What an idiot of a Doctor you saw this morning!! I feel for you babes. I'm currently going through something very similar. I'm in total agony and they suspect I have gallstones, am off for an ultrasound this evening. Fortunately I have private insurance through BUPA otherwise I would have had to wait ages!! They've given me nothing for the pain and none of the over the counter meds help. I can just imagine what you must be going through. Sending you HUGE cyber hugs my friend. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. Hi Oh my what a horrible scarey day for you !! Hope you have someone around to cheer you up !! Crafty Hugs Kitty ;0)

  3. sounds like the day from hell!!!!
    That`s just awful when you get a stand
    in that doesn`t even bother to check notes before he see`s you!
    I`m sure you will be fine,is there a number you can phone for your original doctor to check on the surgery,to ease your mind?
    Take care,Kelly.


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