Friday, 18 November 2011

Desk Top Calendar

Sorry I haven't been about all week - been in my bed - so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!
Roll on when my health picks up...which won't be yet am afraid. My pre-op appointment as now been cancelled on the 6th Dec. There is apparently a big waiting list ( my doctor said there wasn't ) for the surgery, so I won't be getting it done until later next year. I'm not happy, so I'm making an appointment to see my doctor today and hopefully he'll be able to do something for me. I have lost almost a stone in weight - so can't afford to loose more. I only eat one meal a day and that's when I sit with my family at tea time. I avoid food to avoid the pains. This year as just been awful for me - one thing after the other, so hopefully the New Year will bring new and better things for me.
So on to my creation - don't want to bore you with my problems.


These acrylic frames I have had for years - so can't remember where I purchased them from. 
I know at the time they were very I bought 10 landscape and 10 portrait. 
I used 6 last year for the table planners at my friends wedding.
So with whats left I thought Id make some desk calendars for friends.

Ingredients are as follows ~
FIRST EDITION PAPERS -  Bird Song - lush!
DIE each side of calender - Spellbinders - Shapeabilities - Ironwork Motifs.
Wild Orchid Crafts flowers.
Ribbon from stash.
Gems from stash.
Coloured with Poly Pencils - high lights with Pro-markers.
Fine glitter added to slippers.
 TEDDYBEA_XTR_002 - slippers
TEDDYBOBEA_ 085 - chair
Hugs & Loves


  1. This is beautiful!
    Would liquid nutrition help? Maybe your doctor can prescribe you ensure plus. It is a nutrient drink. Might mean less pain for you? Good luck with the appointment.

  2. Hey my friend!! So sorry to hear that you've been so ill and how awful that they've now cancelled your appointment! Let's hope your doctor can help and I believe the new year will be much better for you Hun, you've had such a roller coaster ride this year. On a lighter note, your calender is absolutely gorgeous like only you could do. Luv it! Here's hoping you'll feel loads better and have a great weekend Hun. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

  3. Hi oh wow this is my favourite calender I have seen in blogland ! It really is so pretty. I live the colours and the dies and your flowers are out if this world. I really do hope next year will be so much better for you! So unfair hope doc can help ! Kitty :D

  4. Ooh Tammy this is so pretty hun...and I'm loving the colours too sweetie...

    hope things improve soon for sounds awful :o(

    take care...and big hugs Vicky xx

  5. OOOOOOHHH what I would do for a desk top calender!! ooh love this darlin. Om pleased things are gonna be sorted for you, I can empathise!!! lives a bitch when you have gall problems, but soon you will be well, I just know it!! anyway im rabbiting!! this is so beautiful but everything you make always is, hop eyour day is good and pain free me darlin huggies and love from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hello - I have just discovered your blog as I was searching for exploding box (I just love yours). Sorry to hear you are not well, your cards are beauiful.
    Take care
    Sue xx


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