Saturday, 1 October 2011

Spellbinders - Shapeabilities - Ironwork Motifs

Hi Folks - I've been having another play this morning.
Using my new Spellbinders - Shapeabilities - Ironwork Motifs - perfect for a snowflake, don't you think? I am after doing some quick / plain cards for neighbours etc. So this is what I came up with.
Though there is something that I am not sure about. I think it may be the blue....too much, should have just used it around the centre piece. Plus I have no room for a sentiment.....light bulb in my head flashing.......I could do it as a DL card - then I can place the sentiment at the bottom....and maybe a bow. to start all over again. Tee Hee!!!!
What do you think? Opinion's appreciated.


  1. Hi Tammy,love the card,as for your sentiment can you not put it in the centre of your snowflake in the circle?I don`t know how big it is.Why not at abit of blue distress ink to tye in with the blue background,or a few blue pearls/gems?just an idea.But i love how it is also.

  2. I think it is elegant and stylish the way it is, and no way you should change it.
    You, my friend are just talented :)
    Have a fantastic weekend

  3. Well I think this is just perfect the way it is Tammy...and sometimes you don't need a sentiment the blue...very elegant indeedy....

    big hugs Vicky xx

  4. Well Tammy if you dont know what to do with it, I could have it pmsl!!!! do me a fav e mail me the instructions on how to use those border punches as I dont have a clue and mines sitting in a box, thanks babe brilliant card!!!!! xxxx

  5. It's gorgeous Tammy. I love that die cut and when I got it all I could see was a snowflake. :)
    I think if you have to add a sentiment Kelly's suggestion was a good one as there are plenty of circular ones around - or you could make one to fit.
    Perhaps if you are worried about the blue background, a blue mat behind the snowflake would tie it all together, otherwise it's just beautiful the way it is. :)

    Edna x

  6. I love it as it is Tammy and, if you really wanted a sentiment I would ad it the centre of the snowflake on a little rosette (maybe made of the same blue ??)

    Hugs, Sandra xx

  7. Gorgeous Tammy, I have just got this die myself, haven't had a chance to play yet though. The card is beautiful just as it is.
    Colette xx


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