Saturday, 1 October 2011

Candle Holder / Wine Bottle Holder

Had a little play today. I saw this tutorial a few months back
( one of the many few that are on my to-do list ).
So here is my finished item. It fits a large candle and a wine bottle. Great for  table setting etc.

Took loads of pictures, as it was hard to get the right angle.

 Ideal to add small gifts in too.

Just got to finish a card to match the candle....oh, the candle is from Poundland.
It's made of wax but turns on by a switch - batteries included. After finishing this creation, I'm now off to Poundland to stock up on some more candles - bargain or what?


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Hun!! Luv it! Thanks for sharing the link, think I'll have to add it to my loooonnngggg "to do" list also hehe. Hope you're well my friend. Haven't spoken to you in absolute ages. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. Tammy it`s beautiful.I too found these beauties in poundland,my intension was to have ago at paint fusion.Now seeing your creation may have to get more to have ago at this!Like you and Carol i too have a long list of things i want to try!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Hi this is so very pretty ! Super gift idea and what a bargain on the candles !! Kitty :D

  4. Tammy this is stunning, and man oh man would it be a huge seller at my booths. Wondering and of course that means I would divert all traffic your way, if you might have a template for it?

    Tammy Louise


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