Monday, 25 April 2011

Bildmalarna Stamp - Little Winged Friends - Together

I hope I find, that you have all had a wonderful Easter break The weather as been just perfect hasn't it? You'd never think it was Spring. Mine as been quite eventful to say the least - not in a good way I must add. But still, I have to plod on ... as they say! I just wish that I could get up and have an amazing day...instead of feeling let down by the world. Life is how you make it.....I just don't have the strength to change it at the moment.

Best not get you all down with my problems - I just keep telling myself that there are people with worst problems than mine. So.....for now Tammy just keeps holding her head high and smiling.
On to my card - yesterday I was cleaning my craft den out and found 8 stamps still their packets. Can you believe that I just placed them in a draw and forgotten about them? Maybe.....just maybe I was actually hiding them......from Victor Husband!!
I so adore these Little Winged Friends....just the cutest. I have coloured with Poly Pencils and blended with baby oil. Though I have used pro-markers for the skin....and used poly pencils for the cheeks. I love to mix and match. 
Papers used are from a Premium Paper Pad called UP UP & AWAY. The soft blue and green together. 
Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts - a must have! Tag is from the paper pad, added butterfly charm...actually got them from poundland for a pack of 6 - long time a go though. Organza ribbon I love and this was the only colour I had that matched...I so need to stock up on ribbon again...running low.
Finally...the small butterfly to the bottom right is a Magnolia stamp. 

Well....I have to shoot as need to bring the washing in and make the beds up. My youngest Daughter is away at camp....she's in the Air Cadets....and will need a fresh bed for tomorrow. I have a feeling she will sleep a week when she comes home..... she's not the best when it comes to 6am wake up calls. After speaking to her last night...she as blisters on her feet so bad, that she as to go to the medical quarters to get them changed twice a day......she is so disappointed that she can't do "raft building" today. She can't get her bandages wet. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow and give her a HUGE hug....missed her so much this time. I have posted a picture of her, with her Sisters below. Staff have started calling her Private she is a proper girly girl......but at the same time, she's one of the lads and not scared of getting her self dirty, in fact she loves the mud. So below we have a picture of her ( circled ) with a mixture of other squadrons who are away at camp.

Then here is a recent photo of all my girls, which was taken a fortnight a go.All dressed up to the nines...ready to party. 
We have Megan who is 15 yrs...Tasha my eldest who's 22 yrs and Chloe who is 17 yrs. I just don't know where the time goes - they have all grown up so quickly. now, I am so lost when they aren't around me. This time I must shoot....take care all.
Loads of Love


  1. Tammy just love the card its just so beautiful!!!

    As are your beautiful daughters they really are a credit to you!! Hope Megan has enjoyed the camp and her little feet soon heal!!!

    I had a right laugh at your post and even read to to my old man Victor!!!! lol

    I always call my husband that but he doesn't always find its as funny as I do!!!!

  2. Stunning card with lovely colours!! Cute!

    Beautiful daughters to! =)

    Hugs Maritha


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