Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wee Stamps - Spring Bringer

Good Morning crafters. Made this card yesterday afternoon and haven't had chance to get it up. Had my Grand-Daughter til late last night, so was rather busy.
I have used the lovely Wee Stamps - digital of course and fantastic. Totally gorgeous! This one is called Spring Bringer, which I purchased over at Cuddly Buddly. They are a must have for me as most peeps that request cards like this sort of cuteness. 
So on to my card. I printed her on to Bristol Board cus of its smoothness and coloured her with both pro-markers and poly pencils.  It's rather expensive paper to use but have found that Ryman's 200gsm smooth printing card is just as good. Ideal for digital stamps....and much cheaper. 

 I have to say whilst blog hopping this morning, I found that the lovely Bev Rochester as also made a card with this great stamp.....and....we have actually coloured her more or less the same and use the same papers. Thank Gowd my layout is totally different, else someone may have thought I had copied her work. I guess great minds were thinking a like yesterday....and.....mine is no where near as brilliant as Bev's.

Flowers as always are from Wild Orchid Crafts. Papers are a Premium Paper Pad - Up Up & Away.
Lush! Sentiments is from Craftwork Cards. The dragonfly charm was an old necklace of the girls, that I of course pinched and added to my stash of charms. I never throw anything away, if I can use it on a card. 
Used very fine glitter on her wings and in the center of the flowers.
Now..........get ready for this.....this card can not be sent to anyone. Why, you ask? I will tell you. I left the card opened up on the table for the silicone to dry.....left the house to take Holly home to her Mum last night, came Hubby only placed a cup of tea on the table, on the back of the card and now....there is a great dirty tea ring on the back. I was not happy to say the least!!
So to give this card to someone, I will have to decorate the whole back to the card....and guess what? I have no blue card stock left that matches the now have to root through my paper cut-offs to see if there is enough lime green instead. Or alternatively I just cut another peice of white card stock and attach to the back.
Time for me to get some chores done around the will catch you all again soon.
Loads of Love

Monday, 25 April 2011

Bildmalarna Stamp - Little Winged Friends - Together

I hope I find, that you have all had a wonderful Easter break The weather as been just perfect hasn't it? You'd never think it was Spring. Mine as been quite eventful to say the least - not in a good way I must add. But still, I have to plod on ... as they say! I just wish that I could get up and have an amazing day...instead of feeling let down by the world. Life is how you make it.....I just don't have the strength to change it at the moment.

Best not get you all down with my problems - I just keep telling myself that there are people with worst problems than mine. So.....for now Tammy just keeps holding her head high and smiling.
On to my card - yesterday I was cleaning my craft den out and found 8 stamps still their packets. Can you believe that I just placed them in a draw and forgotten about them? Maybe.....just maybe I was actually hiding them......from Victor Husband!!
I so adore these Little Winged Friends....just the cutest. I have coloured with Poly Pencils and blended with baby oil. Though I have used pro-markers for the skin....and used poly pencils for the cheeks. I love to mix and match. 
Papers used are from a Premium Paper Pad called UP UP & AWAY. The soft blue and green together. 
Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts - a must have! Tag is from the paper pad, added butterfly charm...actually got them from poundland for a pack of 6 - long time a go though. Organza ribbon I love and this was the only colour I had that matched...I so need to stock up on ribbon again...running low.
Finally...the small butterfly to the bottom right is a Magnolia stamp. 

Well....I have to shoot as need to bring the washing in and make the beds up. My youngest Daughter is away at camp....she's in the Air Cadets....and will need a fresh bed for tomorrow. I have a feeling she will sleep a week when she comes home..... she's not the best when it comes to 6am wake up calls. After speaking to her last night...she as blisters on her feet so bad, that she as to go to the medical quarters to get them changed twice a day......she is so disappointed that she can't do "raft building" today. She can't get her bandages wet. I cannot wait to see her tomorrow and give her a HUGE hug....missed her so much this time. I have posted a picture of her, with her Sisters below. Staff have started calling her Private she is a proper girly girl......but at the same time, she's one of the lads and not scared of getting her self dirty, in fact she loves the mud. So below we have a picture of her ( circled ) with a mixture of other squadrons who are away at camp.

Then here is a recent photo of all my girls, which was taken a fortnight a go.All dressed up to the nines...ready to party. 
We have Megan who is 15 yrs...Tasha my eldest who's 22 yrs and Chloe who is 17 yrs. I just don't know where the time goes - they have all grown up so quickly. now, I am so lost when they aren't around me. This time I must shoot....take care all.
Loads of Love

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Challenge 8 over at Teddy Bo - Tag it!

 Good morning everyone. I  am rather late with my post this week. So much going on my end and no time to do anything. So only managed to get this card made this morning....and...still have 101 things to do. The weather is so nice too....I could do with a break to sit in the glorious sun shine. Maybe later, who knows.

 Teddy Bo's challenge this fortnight is " Tag It! ". So your finished card must have a tag on or even a tag shaped card. Simple!!!
I have used the new Teddy Bea digi stamp called " Bea lying in Flowers ". This comes as a black and white image or for those that want a quick card to make, she comes in coloured too. 

 I have used the wonderful Premium Paper Pad called Hideaway. So bright and cheerful. Totally lush!
Flowers are Wild Orchid Crafts and so are the pearls that I have used. The flowers really do finish a card off,
especially one as gorgeous as this stamp. So many of them are my favourite now, that I find it hard to chose which stamp to use, for a card.
I have coloured with pro-markers, soft peaches and greens.
I hope we will get to see all your lovely creations by entering the challenge. The turn out as been amazing. So many talented crafter's.
Well, I am off to get things done and have places to go too. Enjoy the weather whilst its so beautiful.
Hugs Tammy

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Birthday Card - Using Magnolia's Brotherly Love

 Where as the day gone - 12.30pm already and Tammy hasn't done anything in the house apart from make this card up. I inked and coloured this stamp late last night whilst watching my favourite TV program Fringe. Saying that, it was hard to concentrate on colouring when there were cockroaches crawling everywhere. Gowd, I so hate the dam things. I was scratching all night lol

Anyway, on to the card. I have used the wonderful First Edition Premium Paper Pad ~ Sweet Owl. 
The colours are stunning, one of my, so lush!!

 Flowers are as always from Wild Orchid Crafts - link on my side bar.
I have also used Magnolia's Brotherly Love from the Apple & Cherry Collection.

This card as been made for my friends Son, whom at the moment is serving in Afghanistan for me to give his Girl-Friend who is 21 tomorrow. Hopefully the card will cheer her up.....though I know there will be some tears too.

Things to do today and places to go too. So I will catch you all again soon. Please leave a comment before leaving as they truly do make my day.
Loads of Love

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Butterfly Dreams - Tilda and her Bunny

 Good Morning Crafter's. Where as the good weather gone? It's so cloudy my end and a little chilly.
I thought we were in for a few hot days? 
I totally forgot about two cards I have to make for the end of this week, so now I need to get my thinking cap on. Though I love the colouring in on this card, there's something that I am not sure off. Something missing - I don't know? Maybe it's the papers.....I'm loving them, don't get me wrong....they are stunning but they are colours I never use. The papers are "First Edition" called "Hideaway". Beautiful colours. With having no craft shop local to me now, I don't have backing papers to match, so used brown. When ever I had this problem before I would just nip to town, take my sheets and match with plain card. 
So for this card I have used Tilda with her bunny and mounted her on to a Make it Crafty Digital stamp. The digi stamp is from The Secret Garden digi stamps. So ideal for sitting Tilda's. The detail is amazing, don't you think?
Used Prima and Wild Orchid Flower's. Just need to put a sentiment on the front and finish the inside. That as got to wait as the recipient wants a verse and for me to print their need them to come and look at the card first. get card two done...whilst the house is quiet. Catch you all soon.
Hugs Tammy

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Teddy Bo Tuesday

I am a little late with my post today....but hey, got there in the end. 
I started these milk cartons a few days a go but was feeling unwell and never got to finishing them until today. My Daughters friend as just had her baby. These are ideal for small gifts like vests or bibs to fit inside. 
The lovely Kerry over at A load of old pickle as done a tutorial which is very easy. Mine is slightly smaller. I used a A4 card stock but cut to 10 1/2 inches by 8 inches and scored at 2 1/2" - 5" - 7 1/2 " and 10". then turned clock wise and scored at 2 1/2" - 5" and 7 1/2". Do take a look at her tut though - saves me making one up and her cards are amazing too.

Used spotty backing paper and Baby Bea. Bea is already coloured and of course available at
Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

 How exciting for us all at Teddy Bo to have appeared in "Cardmaking and Papercraft".  Page 17
So I'd like to thank everyone old and new who have actually made this happen. You all have made some wonderful cards, so do keep them coming.

So....what's new in the store this week?!!??!

We've also got a Royal Wedding Bo & Bea that can be used for many other situations...there are 5 variations of the graphic included

Happy Crafting Bloggers. Catch you all again soon
Hugs Tammy

Friday, 8 April 2011

Teddy Bo long as it been since I made a card?  Must be well over a week. The glorious weather as gave me some mojo. Fell in love with this Bo stamp. He's totally gorgeous isn't he?
The digital stamps is called " Lazy Days " and can be found here. Ideal for today's weather, don't you think? Wish I could have a lazy day. Got my Grand-Daughter this, as its so nice....I think I will take her to the park. Hopefully it will tire her out for bed later, as I have her over night too. The joys!

Coloured Bo with my Pro-markers. Colours are tan / caramel / cocoa
The papers I have used are Martha Stewart 12 x 12 pad, that I purchased this week from the Hobby Craft.
Used lots of Wild Orchid Flowers, as they are a must have on my cards.

Only a quick post today as I really do need to get things done.
Get the washing pegged out and so need to get something to eat. Tummy starting to feel a little dickey.
Hope your all enjoying the beautiful weather - isn't there suppose to be an heat wave this weekend?
Loads of Love

Monday, 4 April 2011

My Grand-Daughter's Very First Card

How wonderful is this card? Two years old and her creative juices are flowing already.
Nanna has taught her well......this will be put away in my little keep-sake box.
No card from me today am afraid - though I have got to try and get one done at some point today, ready for Teddy Bo Tuesday. I have Holly from 12 til 8pm. So will be a long day for me. Guess if she as an afternoon nap...I may just be able to get something done.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and got pampered.
Please leave a comment for Holly. I am sure in a few years time ( if Nanna is still blogging ) she will enjoy reading the messages from you all.

Hugs Tammy

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mother's Day Card

Can you believe that I forgot to make my Nan a card. Shocking isn't it?
I was more worried about getting everyone else's card's done...that it didn't cross my mind.
The girls have just come back from town...with gifts and cards....then it came to me. My Nan would have been upset to have had a card from the shop.
Thankfully I had these wonderful " Pampered Pets " which I got from my local Docraft stockist. 
I originally bought these to make note-lets for a friends birthday. So came in handy for a quick card.
I followed a sketch over at Card Patterns and may enter in to their challenge. Though I think there is something missing. No harm done.....if I have it wrong, I am sure they will reject it.

I decoupaged the cute cat and added a gem to the handbag. Used the sentiment that came within the pack.
Happy Crafting and enjoy the weekend - weather is beautiful my end.

Fizzy Moon

Sharing a quick card today - quick card she says! This card as just took me 2 and half hours to produce.
Can you believe it? I always spend a lot of time colouring as I really do try my best to get it right. Guess being a Virgo, I am a perfectionist.
I just couldn't put a card together today at all. My mojo as been lost. I have been like this for a few days now.
I went from one paper to another and still not happy with the end results. Flower embellishments just don't look right at all. Oh well, I know the recipient will like don't know why I am getting myself all worked up lol

Coloured with my Poly pencils and used baby oil to blend instead of the sansodor. Saves me some money using the oil. Added gems to the center of the flowers and of course Wild Orchid Craft Flowers. Link is on my side bar if you would like to pop over.
Have also used pro markers for the shadowing around the bear. Isn't he just so cute?

Well, I have a lot to do this afternoon. Don't have my Grand-daughter today, so will get some catching up done in the house. always my husband never arranges a table for Mother's Day. Never in the 21 years we have been together, have we eaten out on Mother's day.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother myself! I don't even get breakfast in bed......not even a cuppa. Gosh, Tammy is having a moan this afternoon, isn't she? It will be a normal day.....with me doing the washing and cooking a roast. Do you feel sorry for me? So girls when your all tucking away in a restaurant.....please think of poor me.
I'm off now. Happy Mother's Day to you all.
Loads of Love