Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Easter Gift

Don't forget bloggers that it's Teddy Bo Tuesday, which means new digital stamps in the store.

Made this card a couple of days a go as you are all aware. But wanted something else to go with it. So I popped to town, as I was told a gentleman was printing t-shirts and mugs...reasonably cheap. Well, a lot cheaper than moonpig charge anyway....half the price. 
So off I went with Teddy Bo & Bea in tow - gosh they walk so slow.....lol

 It took 15 mins in total...as the mugs were so hot you couldn't touch them. I think they are amazing...though I did tell him he needs to change his settings on the computer as the bears look a little orange to me. Guess what? Cus of my cheek he knocked a £1 off each mug. I took my finished card with me and he agreed my quality was much better than his. 
And.......ready for this......I made him delete the images from his computer and then delete it out of his bin. Well....we don't want him taking Bo or Bea for granted do we? Bet....he won't be serving me again. LOL
So, this gift set is going to be for Gayle's two wonderful kids. She as said today that the children will be going away for Easter weekend....so I will have to post a little early...just so they get them in time. 
I simply added some Thornton bunny's to the mugs.
Hopefully when they are received ~ Tammy will have two extra happy bunny's.

Catch you all soon


  1. Never mind the kids.......these little babies are mine...alllllllllll mine!!!! ;o)

    What are you like telling the man about his printer...you'd get a piece at anybody's door you!!!! ;o)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.....can't wait to see them in the 'flesh' so to speak!!!

    Luv ya

    Gayle x

  2. Beautiful gifts by a gifted crafter, these are brilliant Tammy. xx

  3. Wow these are fab Tammy! I am sure Gayle's kids are going to love them - that is if they ever get to see them lol ;-)

    Lisa x

  4. oh wow Tammy, what a fab idea.
    This is quite simply stunning, love, love, love it!

    Well done you:)
    Anne x

  5. Fantastic Tammy - those bunnies look yummy - bo and bea are ok too ROFL!

  6. Love those mugs Tammy, card amazing as well of course !! but those mugs ....... lol lol

    Big hugs, sandra xx

  7. Wow! Tammy. Brilliant idea and what a super gift.
    Just love them.

    Edna x

  8. OHHHH this is a cute littele bear and i feel so lucky that i found your blog...so many cute cards and some really nice eyecandy!! =)

    HUgs Maritha


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