Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Easter Gift

Don't forget bloggers that it's Teddy Bo Tuesday, which means new digital stamps in the store.

Made this card a couple of days a go as you are all aware. But wanted something else to go with it. So I popped to town, as I was told a gentleman was printing t-shirts and mugs...reasonably cheap. Well, a lot cheaper than moonpig charge anyway....half the price. 
So off I went with Teddy Bo & Bea in tow - gosh they walk so slow.....lol

 It took 15 mins in total...as the mugs were so hot you couldn't touch them. I think they are amazing...though I did tell him he needs to change his settings on the computer as the bears look a little orange to me. Guess what? Cus of my cheek he knocked a £1 off each mug. I took my finished card with me and he agreed my quality was much better than his. 
And.......ready for this......I made him delete the images from his computer and then delete it out of his bin. Well....we don't want him taking Bo or Bea for granted do we? Bet....he won't be serving me again. LOL
So, this gift set is going to be for Gayle's two wonderful kids. She as said today that the children will be going away for Easter weekend....so I will have to post a little early...just so they get them in time. 
I simply added some Thornton bunny's to the mugs.
Hopefully when they are received ~ Tammy will have two extra happy bunny's.

Catch you all soon

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Easter isn't too far away........

Gosh, hasn't the weather changed ? Really chilly my end of the country.....need to get my jumper back on. Hope you all remembered to change your clocks forward last night. How excited am I that we now have lighter nights. Makes me feel so much better - alive, instead of feeling like I have to crawl away and hide.
So re-freshed....feels so good.
Anyway on to my card....don't often make Easter Cards but who wouldn't want to use Teddy Bo and Teddy Bea dressed in their bunny suits for a card? So many of these stamps are my favourite but now that I have coloured these in, they are simple the best so far.

I have coloured the digi stamp in with my pro-markers.
For Bo & Bea's fur I have used ~ sandstone / caramel & cocoa
Sunkissed pink ~ for the cheeks.
Putty and sunkissed pink ~ for the ears and tummy
For the bunny suit ~ warm greys 1,2 & 3, then blended with the blending marker.
I have added bigger eggs, using Adobe software.....smaller eggs come with the stamp.
Papers used are Forever Friends - Spring Time Paper Pack.
Flowers are from Wild Orchids Crafts.

This is the inside of my card. 
Hippity Hoppity Easter
I had one huge problem last night as Bo had gone on a walk about. I couldn't find him anywhere. I knew he was about somewhere - but where. I searched folder after folder, so in the end I had to do a search on my whole computer. Don't know how but he was hiding in a picture folder of one of my Daughters. I guess he was feeling a little sad......sad because he doesn't seem to have got about, like Bea as.
Doesn't he look so cute though - adorable.

I am going to enter this card in to a few challenges.
First up is Colour Create Challenge - which is pastels. I think I have definitely covered that!
The second challenge is Stamp Something - which is Spring. I am sure all the pastel colours and the cute bears, covers that.

Off to get dinner sorted - late one today......no hurry...or should I say Tammy isn't hurrying. lol
Meat is in the oven....but I am on a go slow.
So enjoy the rest of the day bloggers and I will catch you again soon.
Loads of Love

Friday, 25 March 2011

Hanglar Stamp - Attitude

How beautiful has it been again today? My Grand-Daughter walked down to us today with her Mum....in a pair of shorts and ankle socks....she looked so sweet....bless her. Children have been off school with Teacher Training days....all out on their bikes and scooters. A nice sight, makes such a change from seeing them sitting in the windows watching the day go by. I got lots of washing dried on the line.......fresh bedding, don't you just love it. 
Cleaned my craft room...though it is now a right mess, after making this card.

Made with my Hanglar stamps - so pleased to have got my hands on them. They have been on eBay again since but Tammy is so so skint. I will have to wait until next month.....or the following month, they go so fast.
Love this stamp, her attitude shows so well. My Grand-Daughter as started to put her hands on her hips just like this, when she is trying to get your attention.
I have used the new Magnolia Butterfly Dreams paper....so lush! This colour is my favourite....and goes so well with the peachy colour I have used for her dress. I have to be honest, I normally lay everything out ie - papers.card, flowers etc, so that I know what colours to colour in my stamps.....but with this one I  didn't. So thought I would struggle putting the card it's self together.....lucky it all worked well.

Flowers are Prima and Wild Orchid Crafts. Lots of pearls and attached pins behind the flowers. Gorguss!

Inside of the card.

The finished card its self measures just over 7 inches square, so fits snug in an 8 x 8 inch box. I have made a wallet on the left side, which will have two chocolate bars in. Holly, my Grand-daughter found them in the fridge....so one got eaten rather quickly. This is why there is none in the picture....Grandads fault! Let's Holly have her own way every time she visits......totally spoilt lol

I have decided to enter this card in the Just Magnolia & Hanglar Challenge Blog
The challenge is called Eyes Down. You choose 3 items that are in a straight line - horizontal, vertical or diagonal from the picture below and you can also add die cuts/punches. I have circled 3 that I have used, though I have also used a charm and pins......so I am hoping my card will still count.

Well, I had better go and tidy the kitchen...had a friend round tonight so just shut the door on the mess, as you do! Will pop over to Just Magnolia and add my card....so going to say Good Night to you all. Do leave a comment, honestly it makes by day.....and do pop back again.
Loads of Love

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wedding Invites

Good Evening crafter's......hasn't it just been the perfect day today. The sun shining just like a summer's day. Totally Gorgeous! Went in to town to find everyone was out in their summer clothes and linen trousers....and...here was me wearing a jumper. Didn't realize it was so warm until I had been tracking around back and forth in a hurry as always.
Anyway...made a start on my Nieces wedding invites. Talk about stress......stress you say.....I had ran out of navy blue card stock this morning. When I got to town....my craft shop had closed down...totally empty...nothing there or no-one. How rude! I hadn't got a clue. That's my craft suppliers all gone.  Two shops closed down in the matter of months. What am I to do? My Hubby is over joyed to say the least. Screaming and shouting like he's at a football match. Does he not realise how stressful this is for me? 
So now it will be traveling to the Hobby Craft which is a good 3 quarters of an hour away.....and....Tammy only drives locally. Yes, I am sad....but know that I am not the only one that does this. 
I guess I can say to my eldest " Fancy going to George...and take a look at some summer clothes for Holly". There is a plan, you see - Asda/George is right next to Hobby Craft........hehehehe and she doesn't mind driving and will love a day out....though she will not be happy about walking around a craft shop for a couple of hours. Couple of hours you say - well, I don't want to miss a bargain......and there is lots of paints and things she can buy for Holly.

So onto the invites......as you can see they are wallet style invites. Time consuming to say the least. Inside on the top flap is actually the invite its self......in the pocket there is a poem. Then the RSVP's will fit snuggly in there - not yet designed them. On hold now until I get more card stock. But have done all the address labels etc to place on the envelopes.

Here is the poem I have used  -  so sweet.

Because at first we lived in sin
We've got the sheets and a rubbish bin
A gift from you, would be swell
But we'd prefer a donation to our Wishing Well
More than just kisses so far we've shared,
Our home has been made with Love and Care,
Most things we need we've already got,
And in our home we can't fit a lot!
A wishing well we thought would be great,
(But only if you wish to participate),
A gift of money is placed in the well,
Then make a wish .... but shhh don't tell!
Once we've replaced the old with the new,
We can look back and say it was thanks to you!
And in return for your kindness, we're sure
That one day soon you will get what you wished for.

I have added gems to the snowflakes on the inside and it really does it give a winter feel. I do have until June to get them completed finished. These are the Afternoon invites of them taking the vows etc. I do have evening invites to do too yet. OMG!! Have I taken on too much - I ask? Will let you know in a couple of weeks. I have a friend visiting tomorrow whom I havent seen for a long time. She too is getting married in the winter.....and I think she is going to ask me to do her invites too. Gosh, what do I say? I am one of those people that doesnt like to say no! I don't like to disappoint anyone.....but then end up stressed!

These are all the embellishments that will be going on the front of the invites. They too arent attached just yet...having a break from them for a few days. All the wallets, paper I have printed the verse and invites on are all ice white pearl card and paper. They look and feel great in your hand. The snowflakes in the middle of the large blue snowflakes were picked by the future bride herself. I wasnt keen at first but now they are all together, they do look lush.
Right I have invoices to do....the kitchen needs cleaning and my craft room looks the pits. So I am off for now and will catch you all later.
Loads of love

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mother's Day Card

Gosh - it's been a whole week since I posted a card. 
Tammy is still feeling unwell ~ I seem to be catching every bug that's going around. I so hope that I pass nothing on to my lovely Grand-Daughter...I have her today whilst her Mummy is working a double shift. Fingers crossed!
Tomorrow is Teddy Bo Tuesday and the start of a new Challenge. This digi stamp is one of the new ones, isn't it just gorgeous? Though I have changed the boots - using adobe I cloned Bea's knitting on to the tops of the boots. So now she looks like she owns her very Uggs. It's amazing what you can achieve with digital stamps. The MUM wording I filled with patterned paper from a PcCrafter set I had.

Added some glitter and gems around Bea. I decided to go for a stronger colour this time when colouring Bea in. I usually got for putty and tan with my pro-markers but this time I have used ~
sandstone - caramel and cocoa
For her boots I used ~ putty - tan - sandstone & caramel. 
For her trousers and hat I used cornflower and blue pearl....lightened a little by using the blending pen.

Used a little silicone glue to give 3D effect on the wording. Stands out well. Flowers are as always from my Wild Orchid Craft stash - a must have for any card maker. Link is on my side bar.

I also found this useful chart whilst googling the other day. Basicially shows colours that blend well together. Very useful indeed. Well, I must shoot as Holly as arrived, so need to put a few craft things away.
Enjoy the sunny day.
Loads of Love

Monday, 14 March 2011

A Sister is a Forever Friend

Teddy Bo Tuesday

Which means new digi stamps to play with. How many of you are now so addicted to these Bear's?
They have almost been all the way round the world. Each day they're found in a different country. Every card myself and the rest of the design team find blows us away. The artist herself can't believe how talented you bloggers are......she is constantly blog hopping and is taken aback at all your creations. 
Please, if you wish Bea or Bo to be wearing something a little different or more backgrounds and add-on's you only have to get in touch with either myself or Gayle. Don't be shy......give us a shout!

For my card I played around in adobe and mixed a few of the stamps together. Ideal for a Friendship card or in my case Sister. Both Bea's look so cute next to each other.
The paper's I have used are from another artist friend Audrey J Roberts. Amazing Lady. The papers are watercoloured and print so well. I always play around with the printer settings to get different effects. Even using pearl / hammered / linen textures cards creates many effects and textures.....don't forget though some paper's and card, do soak up a lot of inks.

My flowers as always are from Wild Orchid Crafts - link on my side bar. As always they are a must have for me. They finish a card off beautifully. I have so many now, my craft den is starting to look like a florist. Though I still keep saying I dont have enough!! Guess, they do become addictive. Sentment as been computer generated and mounted on to coloured card.
So Crafter's, it's time for to say " Good-Night ". I do need to get some shut eye. With not feeling well, I have had little sleep and starting to feel the effects. Not stopped me making this card though LOL

Here's a selection of new graphics in the store....some coloured ones too!!!!!

Remember our Teddy Bo Challenge closes on Sunday 20th March so you've got less than a week to submit your entry to win the gorgeous twine from Emma's Crafty Store. 

Good night and God Bless
Loads of Love

I'm the proud owner of Hanglar Stamps

What a weekend I have had. Been so poorly with chest pains - again! I can only get an appointment on Wednesday. I so need some strong painkillers right now. Getting so bad I can barely cope. I have been in hospital with this pain a few months ago. They say my chest wall muscles are cramping up but couldn't give me the cause of this. I have been under some stress but even when I am not worrying about any thing they happen. Its the worst pain I have ever experienced, wouldnt wish it on anyone.
So in between the cramps and the usually house hold chores ( yes, Tammy gets very little help ) I managed to pull off a card. Though it as taken me 3 days to finish. A little at a time but I am so pleased with the result.

Photo's are not the best. Even took the card outside. It's so cloudy today.
I got the inspiration for this card from Tabby Crafts. Such a talented card maker....I love everything she designs. I would love just half of her talent. Anyway....one day last week she made a criss cross card. Stunning it was, do pop over and take a peek. I have never made one of theses and have seen them about so much in blogland. So just had to give it a go.
I do have one problem with it though......the card inside doesnt fit all the way in. I must have embellished it too much. LOL
Not a problem though as its for my Daughter's friend and she won't know the difference. Only you and I know. It fits snug in my 8 x 8 boxes I purchased.....an happy accident!

Papers are from DCWV - Linen Closet....so so lush! My all time favourite. I must stock up again as I am running rather low. Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts....another MUST have. Link is on my side bar. Gorguss Hanglar stamp - Kids with Attitude. I was so excited to have managed to get my hands on these. I have been trying for months and alway missed out, never there quick enough. I was dancing a round my craft den for ages when they arrived - ok, I am sad but I am sure you have all done the same when something new arrives.

I am going to enter this card in the Just Magnolia Challenge - Bev as done a sketch for us. Don't often like sketches but pulled this one off rather well.
I am off now to have a snack.....havent eaten much over the weekend so feel rather hungry today.
Take care everyone. Thank you for taking a peek at my blog, do pop by again.
Hugs Tammy

Friday, 11 March 2011

A Kiss to Build a Dream On....

A quick post and quick card.
I havent had it in me to make cards the past couple of days. A little stressed to say the least, with one thing after the other. So decided to have a day of printing, stamping and just colouring. So inbetween having my Grand-Daughter, I managed to pull off this card. Don't know why I have never thought of doing quick cards like this before. Though I have had a mixture of comments from friends - some like them, some would rather have a " busy " card.

I have chosen a new stamp from Teddy Bo, which I think is so adorable. Kept to cool greys and creams for the main colour. Bo as his blue knitted hat on under his top hat and Bea a pink woollen hat under her veil.
All coloured with my beloved pro-markers.
Papers are from my stash, so cannot give you the make or name. Martha Stewart punch used on the black card and small gems to finish off. There is a little glitter on her veil but sadly as it is now rather dark it isn't showing. Computer generated quote placed at the bottom of the card. Just have to finish the inside now.
I am off now for a few hours to visit a friend in hospital. She got no visitors tonight, so going to keep her company for a while....and have a chit chat.
Please do go over to Teddy Bo and check the new stamps. Each and everyone of them are a MUST have!
Loads of Love

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The winner of my yummy candy is HEIDI X Congratulations.
Can you please email me with your details Hun. I will get in the post straight away for you.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wee Stamps


Aren't these just the cutest...........I was going to say " Bears " but if  Bo or Bea hear me they will be very upset....and the last thing I want to do is make them feel rejected...as there is no way I would do that to them. 
These wonderful new digi stamps are by the lovely Sylvia Zet. Such a talented artist from Edinburgh. You have just got to go over and check her blog - just brilliant.
I bought my stamps at Cuddly Buddly but you can get them from Sylvia's store.
This stamp is called " Mr & Mrs Bear ".
Another simple card - this was a last minute one, so just had to be quick. Though I had to add flowers this time. No ribbon / bow as of yet but I am sure I will find somewhere to stick one lol 
Sentiment is from LOTV.

I have such a lot to do today so this really does need to be quick. I am taxi-ing all day and have so much house work to do. So hope you all have a fab day. Enjoy the sun while you can.
Loads of Love
Entering this card in the Meljen Challenge - U R Such an Animal

Teddy Bo Tuesday - Challenge 5 # Stetch


Good Morning Crafters. Two weeks have flown past so quickly, that its time for another challenge over at Teddy Bo. The challenge this week as been chosen by our Guest Designer Kathy from Distressed Stamper. Do check out her blog, Kathy's creations are wonderful - a very talented crafter. Gosh, if only I had half of her talent!

We are also sponsored by Crafty Emma who is giving the winner a choice of 4 10m bundles of twine.

Aren't they so lush! I so want these!

Congratulations to the winner no' 22 ~ Janiel - don't forget to email us for your winning badge and your choice of Teddy Bo & Bea Stamps.

On to my card for the challenge. . I have to tell, I struggled big time with this card. So much so that I made two. I think it was actually the sketch that put me off. Don't get me wrong I loved it but I guess it was cus I wasn't designing the layout myself......its like being told you have got to do it and....like a child you dont want to! Do you know where I am coming from? Hard to explain. LOL
So I decided to go for the clean crisp look. Papers I used, were from my NitWit Collection. Link is on my side bar for those that havent popped over there yet. Text was computer generated. Teddy Bea as been coloured with my pro-markers. This new stamp is available at Teddy Bo as from today. This is definately one of my favourite stamps...for now anyway.....until the next Teddy Tuesday.
This style card just isnt me, there are no flowers, no ribbon, just a few gems added to the center of the flowers and at the side of the card. My friend popped round last night and as taken the card with her for a friend of hers. She loved it straight away and told me I should make more cards like this. I may consider doing this for quick cards and using up small peices of paper waste that as managed to mount up.

I am off now to get my Hanglar card done. I have had these wonderful stamps over a week now and havent had time to produce anything. I have had the Grand-Daughter all weekend, so my Craft Den as been out of bounds. Happy crafting Blogger's. Do keep popping back.
Loads of Love

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sharing a quick card......

It's been such a long day this end. Its beautiful outside...though there is very little sun on my garden now. Tried many times to get this picture just right but isn't working for me today. I guess it doesn't help, me not being in the right frame of mind. Got so much going around in there at the moment. Tried my hand at a quick card, which isn't me at all. I have a friend who is going into hospital and wanted me to make a few note cards, so that she can stay in touch with friends whilst recuperating. Teddy Bo digital stamps are so quick for this style of card. I just printed directly on to the card and coloured with pro-markers. Adding just ribbon and gems. I have made 5 altogether, all with different sentiments on the front. I was going to make a gift box for them too but the recipient said there was no need.She's happy with just the envelopes. So, that's one happy bunny sorted.
I still have the wedding invites to do - 100+. But my heart is not into right now. I know I have got to make a start soon, as my niece is visiting at the end of this month. I don't like what she wants on them....no matter what I have said, to change her mind...it just hasn't worked. Once she arrives and I get stuck in, with a little help I'm sure I will feel much better.
Best get my tea sorted for when they come in from school and work. Don't want anyone moaning at me cus they are hungry. So take care folks.
Loads of Love

Thursday, 3 March 2011

For the Attention of Kizzy Dizzy card makers.

Hi Crafter's...just a quick post to let you all know, that I  have reduced all my kits in the store. 
Once your in the store - go to SEARCH and type in KDIZ1. This will bring my kits up NOT Dizzy's.....all my reduced kits will then appear.
Happy crafting. Hugs Tammy x