Thursday, 6 January 2011

Teddy Bo & Teddy Bea

New challenge Blog coming soon.
Teddy Bo and Teddy Bea are just itching to get's been a pleasure to watch them develop and we're looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations are made with them. We've been having 'pow-wows' about our Design Team and we hope to announce 'FairyD's Angels' as soon as possible...........and............Teddy Bea has made Teddy Bo go to the shops and we'll be having LAUNCH candy...mmmmmmmmmm

So girls, get your self over there and follow. Plus if you don't mind, could you please please please give us a shout on your blogs...we would be very grateful. You will make myself and Gayle happy indeed. Pinch Teddy Bo's banner at the top of this post and link him.Can't wait to see you all over there.
Loads of Love

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  1. Hi Tammy very inventive putting Adia thro the printer..cant wait to see it finished..

    smiles Christine xx


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