Saturday, 8 January 2011

My New Project

Afternoon Bloggers.
I thought I would share with you my latest project. It was going to be a secret but Gayle ( aka Fairydoodler ) being Gayle just could not wait for the surprise. She hassled me for hours - even though I did say
" please do not disturb me for a few hours "...did she listen....errr NO!!
So as she now knows, think it best I show you girls.

I began by printing Teddy Bea on to 18 count Aida Fabric. This was rather difficult at first. My first attempt just didn't go through the printer too well. So used double sided sticky tape around a piece of card stock and attached the aida. Of course I had to push it through the printer. Then left it to dry on the radiator.

The pom poms on Bea's hat I used french knots. Added a little glittered thread give some sparkle. This doesn't show too well on the picture. I promise you it does look rather nice.
I have only started stitching the arm....not done too much as I like to work in natural light. Plus have the Grand-Daughter all weekend so definitely will not get much done.

Hope you are all well......sorry there is no card from me today. Wanted to focus on my cross-stitch project.
Love to All.



  1. Aww this is so cute Tammy :-) What a fab idea to print Teddy Bea onto aida.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend and your grand-daughter is keeping you busy :-)

    Lisa x

  2. WOW Tammy this is amazing, how very, very clever. I thought you had completed it at first as just the print on aida look fab.
    Hugs Sonia xx

  3. WOW with capitals Tammy! This is just so gorgeous, you have inspired me to go find my cross-stitch kits. xxx

  4. Hi Tammy..
    Looks gorgeous in cross it soooo cute

  5. This is gorgeous!!! I love the image and the final result is stunning!!! I can't hardly wait for the release... :))

  6. WOW!! This is just beautiful and you only begun!! Oh so inspired to give this a try, thanks for sharing!!


  7. Wow! This is really stunning - what a clever idea. I used to cross stitch years ago.. might have to dig out my old stash now!
    Caroline xxx


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