Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year to All

The New Year is almost here..............where did the last one go?
I hope that you all had a Wonderful Christmas. Mine was very eventful to say the least. Christmas was dreadful....the spirit just wasnt there. Though it was great to see my Grand-Daughters face when she saw all her presents. I do miss that. Not the same when the children get older is it? My girls felt the same. Holly will be two on New Years Day.....but sadly it as all been cancelled as her Mother as swine flu. We will celebrate a few days later. Thankfully Holly will not won't hurt. Though I do feel guilty. But the last thing we need is others taking ill. Myself, Hubby and Holly had our jabs yesterday. I do hope poor Holly doesnt get side effects from it....she's so young. But of course we had to let her have it. She was so brave too. Didn't even cry. I was shaking holding her on my lap. Stocked up on calpol in case.
So this year as been awful for me, from one thing to another. So I am hoping that the new one will bring me some joy at least. Sick of struggling and picking up after everyone, always helping other's. Time now for me to sit back and let someone do something for me for a change. Though I really can't see that happening!

I haven't made a card for such a long time now.....just under a month actually, so must get myself back in to it. I have missed it greatly but there as never been some ME time to do one. Fairydoodler sent me a wonderful digi stamp to get me in the mood....and gosh, it most certainly worked. Isnt she so cute? I have coloured her with pro-markers. Mainly warm greys/sunkissed pink/putty and sandstone. So later on today, after I have been Sainburys....I will get some papers out and mount her on a card.
Well, best get myself motivated. I wish you all the best for the Coming Year.
Do take Care......have fun in your celebrations tonight....and see you all in 2011.
Loads of Love


  1. She is gorgeous Tammy! Yep I found you after I found some of Dizzy's downloads yesterday. It has been a while. I am back into crafting now. Love the blog, hope you are well. Kim

  2. Awww my special friend, you really have had a rough year! Here's hoping the next one will be much better for ya. I've also been so pre-occupied and haven't been around much but just know that I'm here for you always babes! Maybe we can have a chat on skype a bit later?? Wishing you and your family a prosperous and blessed New Year. Lotsa luv xxxx

  3. Good Morning Gorgeous.....a new day and hopefully a better one!!! 2011 will just NEED to become Tammy's're too special xxx

  4. Hi Tammy sorry your going thro a rough time, hope 2011 is Happy, Healthy & Peacefull. wishing you a great New Year looking forward to see your new creations...hang in there Girl..

    smiles Christine xx

  5. Lets hope 2011 brings you lots of good things Tammy xx You make sure that you find ME time ,,, let the others do their bit too ,,, put your foot down with a firm hand :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your card ,,, gorgeous image !! :-)
    Wishing you all the best for 2011 me darlin xx
    Lols x x x

  6. Hi Tammy
    Sorry to here ....all you sad news ...keep your chin up are such a lovely lady...sound so much your new Background...i`m just looking to Change mine....Waiting to see your gorgeous cards for some inspiration Tammy


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