Friday, 5 November 2010


Photo's of my day out. Met some wonderful people and of course the goodies I bought.
This first picture is of myself ( the grey haired old woman ) and the lovely Carol. Bless her - we had a giggle just as girls do....but hun, if I am to change my blog picture, so have you!! I am a young 42 - NOT ...... well, not sure how old you thought I was!!

This second picture is of Carol's friend Paola. Do you know was the first time we had met....and she welcomed me as if we had been friends for ever. That's what made my day so special. A great bunch of girls. We met by just blogging and crafting yet it felt we had known each other for such a long time. There was no nerves or feeling uncomfortable. Thank you both of you. So now I am one of Paola's check out her blog.

These pictures are not the best but does show SOME of the items I bought.
Thanks to Carol I spent £89 just on Lily of the Valley Stamps. I missed the stall - how I don't know....I was looking but as there is so much there, you kinda miss thing's. Come on Carol, how much you spent today Hun? Of course you are back again on Sunday. Don't spend too much!! Yeah, right!!

So apart from lots of ribbons, gems, stencils,card and scrap paper, I got lots of Magnolia stamps and the most amazing Prima Flowers. I stocked up on doilies, as they are a devil to get hold of, aren't they? Loads of double sided tape and decorative pins......some creatables too.
Tonight I will have to find some space for all my bitz and bobz.....and have a play.

To be honest ...... ssshhhhh now but I spent £300......good job Hubby doesn't know how to use a computer.....and never reads my blog either. I am so glad I will not be going again over the weekend...cus I dread to think what else I would have come home with. It was definitely therapy......bloody well deserved too.

So thanks again for taking a peek at my blog. Wish I could have met some of you there. But you never know ... we could have walked passed each other and not known it.
Happy Crafting Girls.
Loads of Love


  1. Hi Tammy!
    wow looks like you had a fab day!enjoy all those gorgeous goodies! you lucky thing :)
    look forward to seeing your creations with them!
    hugs amanda xx

  2. Awwww my sweet friend!!! It was just sooooo lovely meeting with you today, grey old lady hehehe!!! I had no clue how old you were but just assumed as you're a grandmother that you would be older lol! You are truly an absolute darling and I'm so glad we met in person, thank you. You made my day! Can't believe you only spent £300, I thought your goodies looked worth more than that. Haven't even added mine up yet, I'm too scared hehe, will let you know when i do. Very nervous to be going back on Sunday, must be honest, maybe I'll just go with a tenner for lunch and that's all, yeah right!!! Have a great weekend with all your lovely goodies. Lotsa luv xxxxx

  3. I am sooooo pleased you had a fab time hun, and glad you spent lots - well earned if you ask me! year need to make it a TPC day out I reccon - but it will be me with the grey hair as I am older than you!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you lucky devil, enjoy your new stash. I'll look forward to seeing all the new cards.
    Thanks for the link to the image too, just the job
    Anne x

  5. Fab pics Tammy,looks like you were having a blast and what an amzing stash you got. Bet you can't wait to start playing with it all.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Caroline xxx


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