Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Check out this artist !!!

Good Morning blogger's. No card from me today as I can't get in to my craft room. We are decorating at the moment. My conservatory is my craft room and the only space to store furniture. Up to now we have only done the living room.....so now have the dining room to do, then the carpet gets fitted in a weeks time. Gosh, don't you just hate the stress of it all. I really don't like the mess and its actually seriously doing my head in. Because the room joins together and all open, our new carpet will measure 8 1/2 meters by 4 meters. So a rather large space to paint. If it was left to me we would just gloss the paint work but Hubby wants to undercoat first. I personally don't see the point as its not dirty or anything....just means more work.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms from card making....missing my craft room badly.
I hope that you all are nice and cosy in your warm homes and not going out in this snow. We have had very little.....some of you would say they would love NO snow but me and my Girls are wishing for some. The Midlands never get much.
Anyway, I want to introduce you to a dear friend of mine. Her name is Gayle and a wonderful artist. She as just started her own blog.......about time too! When I first got seriously into card making.....and digital scrap booking she was one of the first Internet stores I bought digital papers from. I am not going to show you the card I made as to be honest its too embarrassing. How many of you have looked back at your first cards and thought " OMG, that is just awful "? Well, telling you now....it was....but at the time it was the most amazing card I had ever made.
We have always kept in touch over the years and did meet up a couple of years ago. It was fantastic to have met her. Her children are so adorable and her Hubby so friendly. We now share a shop at Aimeeasher...though with the credit crunch etc, we aren't doing too well. So I thought it would be nice to shout about her in blogland.
You can find her work here.
You can also find her blog here

Do go over and check them out.....there is also a freebie on her blog if you follow. How cool is that?
Here is a card kit I made using her graphics. This set I must say is a real MUST have. One I use a lot of when making cards for girls. The dress is so lush. Wonderful printing quality.

Here is a small selection of her work. I have told her that she should do lots of digi stamps too. I think they would be a great seller for her. Please do take a peek...honest you will be blown away.
Well, off to have a bit of lunch. Catch you all later.
Loads of Love

Also if you girls don't mind - pinch her banner from my sidebar and please give her a shout on your blog too. Let's give her something to smile about and give her more followers. I remember when I had only 5 and how exciting it is even now to have another follower.
Thanks in advance.

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