Monday, 27 September 2010

Sparkling Christmas

Good Morning Blogger's.
I haven't managed to get much card making done this weekend. What an eventful weekend its been. My Daughter sort of had a good birthday. Her and eleven friends went out for a meal. As always there is one or two, that have to show off and be loud, so they almost got thrown out of the restaurant. Megan ended up paying for some of her friends as "they forgot their purses" - so that put a dampener on things straight away. Then when they got home - where 7 of her friends were stopping the night - Megan fell down the stairs - from top to bottom. Thankfully no broken bones....scratches and bruises, on her knees, elbows and face. Oh bless, her..what a night! Last years birthday for her was a disaster too....when some of her birthday money went missing. She as now decided, until they are all grow up and mature...she won't be celebrating any more birthdays - she's going to save all celebrations for her 18th. Gosh she's got 3 years to go yet! God help me.
I have spent a lot of time sorting my Brother's house out for him....didn't realise he had so much junk. A builder as offered him a price on the house - but not what we wanted. But may have to take it.....before the mortgage company take it from him.....won't pay his debts though. To be honest it's really draining the point where I can't get motivated. I am at the citizen advice with him today, so fingers crossed that all goes well. Then we have just got to sort him out, fix him, then find him somewhere to live....he can't stay here for ever.

So.... to the little card I managed to get done. Decided that my quick cards for neighbours etc are going to be a black and white theme. The paper on this card is lush.....velvet feel about it. I used my cri-cut and cuttle-bug for the embellishment, then used a little glitter. It's not like me to make a card so simple but to be honest I know that I won't have a great deal of time this year. That's why I am making a start on them now. Did lots of cutting out last night and gluing, so it won't take me long to get done what I need to do - about 30 - LOL

Something exciting also happened to me this weekend - my new stamps came - Kanban - must tell you they are so cute. So... did get some colouring done. Carol.... you have a lot to answer for! From now on please - if you place a card on your blog, with such wonderful stamps -please, please place a WARNING on them.......a Tammy warning!!!! If I am to meet you at the NEC, Tammy as got to stop spending and save for the big day - Gosh hun, can't wait to see you. Excitement ;)) I hope there is going to be lots and lots there......I will need a BIG loan myself!!
Anyway - I must get myself sorted. Hope all of you have a good day. Will place another card on later today.....Happy Crafting
Loads of Love


  1. Hi Tammy,
    What a totally stunning card!Love it :)
    hugs amanda xx

  2. A very elegant card and when it comes to Christmas I always think simple is good.


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