Thursday, 9 September 2010

Handmade Paper Flowers

Good morning all, hope you slept well. Was having a bit of google time last night and found this tutorial. It was rather late for me, actually it almost midnight. I was finishing off a card and ran out of flowers.....don't you just hate that when you have none left, that match's the papers you have used. So... anyway... here is the video. I have only made a few but hey, this will become an addiction.

Where the lady in the video sprayed with water, I actually used my spray bottle with febreze and glimmer mist mixed together. The flowers smell so fresh ~ lol ~ I was thinking of the tv advert then.....sorry had to have a giggle cus they are so false arent they? I will post some pictures later of my flowers. Don't have a camera this morning as the Daughter took it out with her last night and stopped over at a friends. I hope you all find this rather useful ~ as I know I did.
Loads of Hugs
Tammy x

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  1. WOW Tammy, thanks for sharing Sweetie! Those flowers look fab, can't wait to see yours! Hope you have a super weekend. Lotsa luv xxxx


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