Monday, 6 September 2010

Feeling sad!

I have had a bad few days my end, so just wanted to apologise for not blogging. I have not had it in me to do anything. In fact I have never felt so low in my life. I will begin to explain. Has you all are aware - I got myself a little cleaning job. I have never felt so excited. Getting myself out of the house I was so looking forward to. It didn't matter to me, what the job was as long as I wasn't seeing four walls any longer. But things changed, and changed badly. I had the job for 2 weeks, when I got a call to ask me to go and meet the House Master and his Wife. These were the couple that I would be cleaning for. I arrived on time and was welcomed in their home. I spent just over 2 hours there and had a wonderful time.....even sat in the kitchen chatting about just anything over a cup of tea. She said how much I reminded her of her last cleaner - we had so much in common, which to her she said was a good thing. I said my good-byes and she kindly walked me to the car. I was asked by the person who interviewed me and whom gave me the job to ring him when I got home. This I did......he asked me if I still wished to have the job. Of course I said YES and that I felt I had really clicked with the couple. I was then told they were happy with me and liked me.....and the job was mine without a doubt. I was excited and on a high.....dancing a round the house merrily, like an excited child at Christmas. Then 4 days later I had a missed call whilst out shopping, from the school. I telephoned back straight away. I thought it was for my start date as there had been a delay in paperwork with the school being off. I asked for the person whom rang.........Gosh I tell you, this is where the nightmare began. This is what was said before I could get a word in edge ways - " I telephoned you regarding the job you applied for, am afraid I have to take it away from you." Imagine how I felt when she then said " You were too nice, over friendly and not formal enough. The House Parents felt they would not be able to trust you in their house and don't have the time to stand over you whilst there. " If they felt this way, then why did they welcome me there home and let me stay for such a long time. I am sure if they didn't like me they would have made some excuse to get me out of their property. Then the final straw was to be told " It shows you have had no interview experience and have been a stay at home Mum for 20 years, I personally would not have gave you the job if I had met you". Who, does she think she can she judge me when she as never met me? Then finally she said " The House Master's Wife did not appreciate being touched by you, she was very insulted". I shuck her hand with my right hand, then touched her arm with my left and thanked her for a lovely morning. How bad was that? I thought I was being polite. How can being too nice and over friendly not get you a job. What is not formal enough? I tell you I almost collapsed when I put the phone down. I didn't go out the house or speak to anyone on the phone. I felt I was being judged by everyone. To be honest, even though its a week since that call.....if I go to the shop I rush a round to get home as quick as I possibly can. I have never felt so humiliated and insulted in my life. I have since learnt from a friend who also works at this school, that the person who interviewed me, knew nothing of me having the job taken from me. In fact he was very shocked and said " Tammy is a lovely woman, the job suited her well ". He is also investigating the matter but hasn't bothered to pick up the phone to apologies to me what so ever. I have been advised to take the matter further myself but I can't see where that would get me, as I have no intentions of working there if it was the last job on the planet. I am not sleeping at night cus all that goes through my head are those words " too nice - over friendly - can not trust you ".
So I will not be going for a job at a private school again. How the other half live hey!! I am sorry, if I have moaned a little but felt telling someone was sort of getting it off my chest. Thanks for taking the time in reading my sad little story lol.
So anyway to make Tammy feel better, I have just bought my tickets to go and see Meatloaf in December. I love his music, so it will certainly give me one hell of a pick-me-up.
Loads of Luv


  1. Awww how awful for you my friend!! What inconsiderate people are out there?? Don't let them put you off Sweetie, just stay the way you are, a kind and considerate person with a lot of love to share! Try and get a bit of crafting in maybe it will lift your spirits. If you need to chat, I'm here for you ok. Lotsa luv xxxx

  2. Aww Tammy i have just read your story, some people make me mad grrrrr... there is nothing wrong with being nice and friendly more people should be like you xxx


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