Monday, 2 August 2010

Anna & Jason's Wedding

July 31st 2010
A Wedding day will be remembered for all the joy it brings, a day of love and happiness of vows and wedding rings. A day of new beginnings~learning what love truly means. Your Wedding day is just the start of many hopes and dreams.
I have to say the Wedding was unbelievable, a day I will remember for the rest of my life. It wasnt just a happy day but sad too - all knowing how much the Brides Mother's should have been there...but was sadly taken so early in life. I know that Judy was looking down on the big day and smiling with pride. She as a beautiful Daughter.
Anna is a dear of friend of mine and I hope we have many more happy girlie days together.

The kiss....................what can I say. These two have been through so much....but their love just got stronger and stronger. They are just perfect together. Makes you sit and think, sometimes realising how unhappy you are in your own marriage, thinking about the what if's.....why....can it change or is it too late?

The Wedding Cake & Photo of the Bride and Her Mother.
Not a lot I can say without crying but have found this poem.
Shes been dreaming 'bout her wedding dress since she was a little girl......white with lace, and flowing, accents made of pearl. Mother watches Daughter trying on the dresses....her daughters now a future bride and the older one confesses, she sees that little girl, again....her eyes sparkling with joy, playing bride in bedroom sheets and dreaming 'bout a boy....She grew up...she met a man who swept her off her feet..they fell in love, he proposed to her, and now her lifes complete...Daughter's eyes are dancing now..shes found the perfect fit...mother smiles proudly..This one's surely it.....Daughter turns to " Mother I love it-watcha think...?? " Mother grins , she love it too, then gives the girl a wink.....And in that very moment, Mother sees the change occur, standing, now, in front of her a woman - not a girl.

Isn't she so cute. I adore this photo of The Flower Girl.
Demi, she so didnt want her picture taken all this photo as it's so natural.

Family Photo
From left to right we have.....Tasha, my eldest Daughter. In her arms is my Grand-Daughter Holly who is 19 months old. My Husband Eric, Anna the Bride, then ME, my youngest Daughter Megan who is 14 but look's so much older - will have to keep my eye on her lol. Then there is my middle Daughter Chloe, who is 17. My children are the best thing that's happened to me and love them with all my heart. I dread to think what I would do without them in my life.....they are what keep's me together.

Close-up of Chloe and Megan. Where does the time go? They are not babies any more.

The final picture is of me and my closest friend Nikki - who is the Brides Aunty. We have been friend's since school day's. Infact she as been more of a sister to me than my own sister as.
Love her to bits

Finally I would like to thank the couple for the lovely flower's they gave me on the night.
They are beautiful and certainly didnt expect them at all.
Thank you

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