Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wedding Table Planner

Yes.......Tammy is back crafting!! Sadly we have had Judith's funeral, which went rather best as funeral's go anyway. She had a beautiful send off. Her flowers were out of this world and there were many donations for St Giles Hospice. Thank-you all who donated. They gave Judith and the kids lots of help and support.
Now we have Judith's Daughter's Wedding coming up at the end of the month. A time to celebrate but also a sad time for everyone. Judy will be missed but I am sure she will be looking down on the event with a huge smile. I am trying to help out as best I can......with the crafty bitz and bobz anyway!
So I have planned out the Wedding Planner for guest to see as they walk in to the sit down meal.
Plus each table gets a setting too.
We have gave each table a " Love" film theme.
Five tables in all.
Firstly we have the brides table which is called "Run away Bride"
Then there is "Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Love Actually and Pretty Woman"

I must say, the Groom actually wanted the tables to be named after " Supermarkets "
ie - Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Sainsburys.
Jason Hun, what was you thinking???

This is the top of the board.

I really did enjoy designing this and a pleasure doing it!
Anna and Jason haven't seen it yet but I am sure it will be loved.
Now......I have less than two weeks to finish off the Bridesmaids bracelets - yep still not done them all. Have only done two, so will stick some pictures on tomorrow of those.
Then I am to make a garter......but I can't find my sewing machines leads. I cleaned my craft room up last week and can't remember where I put them....I guess in a safe place!!
Oh - also have their Wedding card to do too - how could I forget that??
Well, its nice being back. Hope everyone in blog land are all doing just fine and crafting happily.

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  1. Beautiful is all i can say,THANKYOU SO SO MUCH.xxxx Anna-Lisa


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