Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mother's Day Card

I just had to post this card to you all. I have always said that I am a very keen fan of magnolia stamps. But believe it or not this card was NOT liked by the recipient. So it's just sitting in a box all by it's self. I was so shocked that she didn't like can no-one love her? Sometime ago, I said that people were asking me what I love about these stamps.....well, the recipient was one of them that said they were ugly. I thought by making her a card using these wonderful stamps, it may have changed her mind. NO!! It didnt work at rude. Honestly I was shocked.
So like I have said.....she's sitting in a dark box, all alone, waiting for Mother's Day next year.
I love her and don't care what anyone think's of My Sweet Tilda.
Happy Crafting Folks. Catch you all again soon.


  1. How can there be no comments on this stunning card? are you new to blogging? This is absoulutly brilliant, so sweet and gorgeous colour. Thankyou so much for joining my blog followers, I'm now a follower of your very pretty blog. Will be back soon to look at more of your cards xx

  2. Thank you Patricia - yes, I am very new to blogging. Was getting a little tired at forum's etc thought I would give this a go instead. Still not sure about a lot of it and would like to enter some challenges....just need to work my way around things. xx


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