Tuesday, 22 June 2010

If Roses grow in Heaven....

Sorry, I haven't been around blogging for a few days. There's been so much happening my end.
A Very Dear Friend of mine as just a few hours to live. I have been sitting here twirling my thumbs, trying to keep myself busy, waiting for the phone call.
Judy ( only 47, Bless her ) has never been ill in her life. Went to the Doctor's a few month's a go with constant indigestion and acid. After lots of investigation's, they decided to do a CT scan. To their horror she had cancer in her lung's, liver, kidneys, pancreas, all lymph nodes and main arteries are blocked. It's too late for chemo etc. The best they can do it give her as much pain killer's as they can to keep her comfortable. Within weeks she as deteriorated to much. The once healthy woman is down to just skin and bone...can't go to toilet, her chest is rattling all the time and now hallucinating. She did want to die at home, but as it's got worst she wants to be moved to the hospice. Which is happening today. Her children are only 27, 21 and 10. Having spent the whole weekend sitting by her bed side, I can't believe how strong the children are. The family are all falling out and everything seems to be falling apart around them. But they are still holding their heads high. My heart goes out for them. They don't even know how they are going to afford a funeral right this minute, as the government won't help them. The so called family haven't even put their hands in their pockets to help....... just seem to be moaning and bickering at each other. The children don't need this. I have had the Grand-Daughter of Judy's stopping with me for a few days too.....trying to distract her from what's happening is very hard.
Last night was my last night of seeing her......I said my good byes....Gosh, how hard it as been. She doesn't deserve this.....no one does really do they?
I so hate that word cancer, it takes so many lives.
Here a short poem I found, which made me cry.
I have changed the words a little.
If roses grow in heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for us.
Place them in Judy's arms,
And tell her they're from us.
Tell her that we love her and miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek.
And hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
We do it every day,
But there's an ache within our heart's
Because we are missing her today.
God Bless You Judy


  1. Such beautiful but sad words tam, you have been an absolute star to us all at this hard time and im glad we can say we have friends like you,you did a fantastic job of mums order of service and im sure she would of loved them. Thanks hun.xxxx

  2. Your very welcome Hun. I did it cus I wanted too and like you have said "what are friends for"?


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