Friday, 18 June 2010

Had a play......

My three all time favourite Tilda's. I haven't made this card for anyone, just had a play. As much as I love the stamped images....there's something about the card that I don't like. It's as though something is missing. I usually have lots of flower's and ribbon's, on my cards. No matter how long I sit back and look at it......something is definitely a miss. Now then.........I hear my friend shouting in the back ground " yes....they have no faces "!! Gosh she is so prejudice.......Won't be making her no cards again!! Hehehehehe.......she can make me a cuppa now.

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  1. Awwww Tammy, I think it's absolutely gorgeous!! They just look sooooo good together. I luurrvvveeee it lots! I hear what you say about something looking amiss but it's just because you're so used to flowers and ribbons etc but I promise you it still looks brilliant!! Whoever the recipient is, they'll be thrilled to bits. I know I would definately be hehe! Lotsa luv xxxx


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