Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Busy Weekend - Lichfield Greenhill Bower

What an eventful weekend we have had. My Daughter Megan is in the ATC - Air Training Corps.
She spent Friday til Sunday away at camp, and had such a ball. She came back buzzing with excitement. They did night exercise until 3.30am. She admitted at first she thought the whole exercise was for real, even right down to trip wires and bombs strapped to trees, to planes with terrorists.......all part of the fun. It was a good experience for her. Getting up early and cooking her own food. Something Megan never does. She loves her sleep too much....and will lie in bed until late afternoon if you let her. She has met many, many friends since joining the cadets. It's so nice when you get a BIG hug when they get back. I do miss her and lately it seems she is never home.......there is one cadet event after another. This is a picture of Megan circled, with some of her new found friends. In this picture they are wearing their DPM's - number 2's. After such a long weekend Megan had to be up early again for Bank Holiday Monday. This time for the Green Hill Bower, which took place in Lichfield. Greenhill Bower is a festival based on the ancient tradition of the Court of Arraye. The festival includes the traditional procession and crowning of the Bower Queen at Lichfield Guildhall, A large funfair and masses of family entertainment in Beacon Park. The procession is one of the oldest events of its kind in the country dating back to the 12th century. The Band of the Brigade of Gurkha's led the parade, followed by local ATC Squadron's. ( Am afraid in these pictures you can't see Megan. I had major camera problems so did have to take a few photo's off the net to show you ). There were just over 50 air cadets, behind them, were many floats. I must admit as soon as the Gurkha's played and everyone cheered them on, I had a lump in my throat and actually cried. They made us proud.....proud to be British. Thousands turned out for the event. Megan marched for two whole hours, every time I looked at her she looked back at me as if to say " Oh, Mum please don't cry again " I just can't help myself.....we all get soppy don't we.....right from their first Christmas carol, leaver's assemblies and Prom's......OMG I have the Prom in a year's time, I will be a wreak. She just look's so grown up in her Wedgewood uniform. I would like to think she will join the forces when she is older but for now she does it to keep herself off the streets and meet new people.
Gurkhas - their uniform was out of this world. So smartly dressed.

Just a few of the cadets.

Megan is there somewhere - honest!

We followed them around Lichfield - my feet were killing so dread to think how Megan's felt.
She now as a few day's of sleeping in ......... oopppssss......NO she hasn't, she as an early 5am start tomorrow. She's going to RAF Brize Norton and will possibly get a flight. Poor girl is so tired. But like I said earlier, get's them off the streets.....and she's also doing her D of E too. Me.....well, I have been asked to be on the civilian committee. Got my first meeting soon. Missed one last week due to my Nan being poorly. Really looking forward to it! Hope I havent bored you silly. Will get some card's posted later today. Take Care all xx

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