Thursday, 17 June 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary Card

This was a quick card I had to do. Now I mean quick! A friend called me up yesterday asking if I had any cards made up. Of course I didn't. So in between my baby's pram drying.....I came up with this card. She only wanted it late about pressure! But you know I have had such a crafting head on of late, that this card same to me straight away. I used pc-crafter graphics....I love these cute birds. The set is called " Flights of Fancy 2 " by Carolyn Shores Wright. I have such a lot of pc-crafter's graphics but don't use them as much as I use to. No paper's were used for this card, just plain old card stock but the end result is lovely. Just had to warn her the silicone may not be dry in time for her to take to relatives.
Thanks for taking a peek.
Happy Crafting Folks xx

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