Tuesday, 22 June 2010

If Roses grow in Heaven....

Sorry, I haven't been around blogging for a few days. There's been so much happening my end.
A Very Dear Friend of mine as just a few hours to live. I have been sitting here twirling my thumbs, trying to keep myself busy, waiting for the phone call.
Judy ( only 47, Bless her ) has never been ill in her life. Went to the Doctor's a few month's a go with constant indigestion and acid. After lots of investigation's, they decided to do a CT scan. To their horror she had cancer in her lung's, liver, kidneys, pancreas, all lymph nodes and main arteries are blocked. It's too late for chemo etc. The best they can do it give her as much pain killer's as they can to keep her comfortable. Within weeks she as deteriorated to much. The once healthy woman is down to just skin and bone...can't go to toilet, her chest is rattling all the time and now hallucinating. She did want to die at home, but as it's got worst she wants to be moved to the hospice. Which is happening today. Her children are only 27, 21 and 10. Having spent the whole weekend sitting by her bed side, I can't believe how strong the children are. The family are all falling out and everything seems to be falling apart around them. But they are still holding their heads high. My heart goes out for them. They don't even know how they are going to afford a funeral right this minute, as the government won't help them. The so called family haven't even put their hands in their pockets to help....... just seem to be moaning and bickering at each other. The children don't need this. I have had the Grand-Daughter of Judy's stopping with me for a few days too.....trying to distract her from what's happening is very hard.
Last night was my last night of seeing her......I said my good byes....Gosh, how hard it as been. She doesn't deserve this.....no one does really do they?
I so hate that word cancer, it takes so many lives.
Here a short poem I found, which made me cry.
I have changed the words a little.
If roses grow in heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for us.
Place them in Judy's arms,
And tell her they're from us.
Tell her that we love her and miss her,
And when she turns to smile,
Place a kiss upon her cheek.
And hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
We do it every day,
But there's an ache within our heart's
Because we are missing her today.
God Bless You Judy

Friday, 18 June 2010

Had a play......

My three all time favourite Tilda's. I haven't made this card for anyone, just had a play. As much as I love the stamped images....there's something about the card that I don't like. It's as though something is missing. I usually have lots of flower's and ribbon's, on my cards. No matter how long I sit back and look at it......something is definitely a miss. Now then.........I hear my friend shouting in the back ground " yes....they have no faces "!! Gosh she is so prejudice.......Won't be making her no cards again!! Hehehehehe.......she can make me a cuppa now.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Baby Pram / Cri-Cut

Not the very best picture But at least you can see the pram. Was a lot smaller than the lemon pram but still it was loved.

Which do you like the best??

Mother's Day Card

I just had to post this card to you all. I have always said that I am a very keen fan of magnolia stamps. But believe it or not this card was NOT liked by the recipient. So it's just sitting in a box all by it's self. I was so shocked that she didn't like it.....how can no-one love her? Sometime ago, I said that people were asking me what I love about these stamps.....well, the recipient was one of them that said they were ugly. I thought by making her a card using these wonderful stamps, it may have changed her mind. NO!! It didnt work at all.....how rude. Honestly I was shocked.
So like I have said.....she's sitting in a dark box, all alone, waiting for Mother's Day next year.
I love her and don't care what anyone think's of My Sweet Tilda.
Happy Crafting Folks. Catch you all again soon.

50th Wedding Anniversary Card

This was a quick card I had to do. Now I mean quick! A friend called me up yesterday asking if I had any cards made up. Of course I didn't. So in between my baby's pram drying.....I came up with this card. She only wanted it late afternoon.....talk about pressure! But you know I have had such a crafting head on of late, that this card same to me straight away. I used pc-crafter graphics....I love these cute birds. The set is called " Flights of Fancy 2 " by Carolyn Shores Wright. I have such a lot of pc-crafter's graphics but don't use them as much as I use to. No paper's were used for this card, just plain old card stock but the end result is lovely. Just had to warn her the silicone may not be dry in time for her to take to relatives.
Thanks for taking a peek.
Happy Crafting Folks xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm on the ball !!!!

I can't believe that I have made two cards today.
Don't tell anyone but......I'm not even dressed yet!! I got so carried away with the time.
I cleaned through the house this morning, so all I have got to do now is get dressed, and nip to the shop.....else everyone will starve at tea-time. Card making as come first today. Feel's good, not been rushing around. OOPPPSSS - Hubby just walked in - I have been caught out!!!!
Hey, I am sure he won't mind!
This is a Thank you card. Made for the same person whom I did the Forever Friend card for.
Used my favorite Tilda and gift box stamp...tend to use them both a lot of late. can't help myself.
Magnolia paper's and lots and lots of flowers.

Sprayed glimmer mist on the flowers and box stamp. Just to give it a sparkle.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

I was up rather early this morning. Actually had a good nights sleep - but - it was one of them sleeps where your dreaming card making. Does anyone else have strange sleeps? So of course it wakes me up, get myself a cuppa and walk in my craft room and start to find the paper's and embellishments I dreamt of. Gosh, aren't I sad! I bet I am not the only one - come on folks - admit it! lolThis is unusual for me. I don't normally make this style card. But I actually enjoyed making it and so love the end result. I just hope that my Nan will like it. You see Nan wanted a " Farm " theme. My Aunt & Uncle are retired farmer's. Gosh . . . . .this theme did my head in. I thought of cow's, sheep and even scare-crows, but for the life of me I couldn't find the right images. If it doesn't jump out at me, I don't get the pleasure in making the card. So finger's crossed. Will let you know, so watch this space!!
All my flowers are from Wild Orchid crafts.
I used Marianne Design / Frames & Swirl Die
Plus Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch
Used my favourite organza ribbon

I always decorate the back of the card to match the front. Gives a wonderful finish, don't you think? Oh.......what do you think of my new Custom Signature? I think it's wonderful. Customed by whimsystamps.com

Finished card measures 8" x 6", box a little bigger, so not to flatten the flower's.
If you do stop by, leave a comment, it's much appreciated!
Happy Crafting.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lost my Mojo!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have not been myself...seems to be so much going on my end just lately. There is lots of thing's running around in my head. My Hubby had an heart attack two year's ago, and it seems thing's may be heading the same way, if he doesn't watch out! I have tried all sort's to change the way he is from how and what he eats - joining a gym to keep his self healthy. But I feel as though I have failed. Every night he doubles his medication, which isn't good for him. Eats crap and tired all the time. I have started to have palpitations at night time and have this fear of waking up with him dead at the side of me. You would think that with 3 Daughter's and 1 Grand-Daughter he would at least change....doesn't matter about me....but the girls are important....... should at least do it for them. He may never see them grow up, get married etc. I guess he will never change....and I'm just trying too hard. It's causing so much pain right now, I don't know what to do any more. I have spoken to our Doctor, but there is nothing he can do until my Hubby admits that he has a problem.
I have two cards to make for next weekend. A thank you card and Diamond Wedding, plus 4 bracelets for brides-maids. I don't have any idea on what to do. Bracelets are simple enough but my mojo as just completely disappeared. Can't even think of designing kits either. I need cheering up I think......any idea's folks???

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Birthday Tilda

I have entered this card in The Magnolia Down Under Challenge #48
This is my all time favourite Tilda. I love her to bitz and do use her such a lot. In fact she reminds me so much of my Grand-Daughter in a little way. I have many crafting friends who hate these stamps and think they are so ugly - How dare they say such a thing!!! I keep getting asked " where's their faces " but isn't that just the fun of these stamps, they are adorable and so cute.....oh.....and so ADDICTIVE!!
The size of this finished card is 7" x 7". Flowers are so large I had to make a box too. I would hate it if the card got damaged in any way. Used my fav paper's DCWV. I throw a tantrum when I run out of them. None of my local craft shop's sell them, so do have to travel to the HobbyCraft to stock up. Will soon have to get some pennies saved for my next paper stack.
I have told you on my last card posted that I love easel cards. So of course had to do another, they look so elegant sitting on the window sill. I added some Glimmer Mist to the flowers and on the parcel.....when the sun shines down....you get a beautiful rainbow effect.

Organza ribbon is always a must have in my stash. I manage to get a perfect bow every time.
Plus it does give a nice finish to a card - don't you think? Love this buckle too, I really don't know where this is from. I have friends who come round with bitz and bobz they save for me....or maybe it came from my Nan's button tin. Don't you just love looking though your Nan's brick and bracks....I use to spend hours going through her thing's as a child. Plus there was always a tale to be told.

You can just see the Glimmer Mist in this shot. Coloured with Pro-marker's and also used the blending pen again. Practice makes perfect!
Thank you for dropping by, do leave a message, it appreciated!

A Busy Weekend - Lichfield Greenhill Bower

What an eventful weekend we have had. My Daughter Megan is in the ATC - Air Training Corps.
She spent Friday til Sunday away at camp, and had such a ball. She came back buzzing with excitement. They did night exercise until 3.30am. She admitted at first she thought the whole exercise was for real, even right down to trip wires and bombs strapped to trees, to planes with terrorists.......all part of the fun. It was a good experience for her. Getting up early and cooking her own food. Something Megan never does. She loves her sleep too much....and will lie in bed until late afternoon if you let her. She has met many, many friends since joining the cadets. It's so nice when you get a BIG hug when they get back. I do miss her and lately it seems she is never home.......there is one cadet event after another. This is a picture of Megan circled, with some of her new found friends. In this picture they are wearing their DPM's - number 2's. After such a long weekend Megan had to be up early again for Bank Holiday Monday. This time for the Green Hill Bower, which took place in Lichfield. Greenhill Bower is a festival based on the ancient tradition of the Court of Arraye. The festival includes the traditional procession and crowning of the Bower Queen at Lichfield Guildhall, A large funfair and masses of family entertainment in Beacon Park. The procession is one of the oldest events of its kind in the country dating back to the 12th century. The Band of the Brigade of Gurkha's led the parade, followed by local ATC Squadron's. ( Am afraid in these pictures you can't see Megan. I had major camera problems so did have to take a few photo's off the net to show you ). There were just over 50 air cadets, behind them, were many floats. I must admit as soon as the Gurkha's played and everyone cheered them on, I had a lump in my throat and actually cried. They made us proud.....proud to be British. Thousands turned out for the event. Megan marched for two whole hours, every time I looked at her she looked back at me as if to say " Oh, Mum please don't cry again " I just can't help myself.....we all get soppy don't we.....right from their first Christmas carol, leaver's assemblies and Prom's......OMG I have the Prom in a year's time, I will be a wreak. She just look's so grown up in her Wedgewood uniform. I would like to think she will join the forces when she is older but for now she does it to keep herself off the streets and meet new people.
Gurkhas - their uniform was out of this world. So smartly dressed.

Just a few of the cadets.

Megan is there somewhere - honest!

We followed them around Lichfield - my feet were killing so dread to think how Megan's felt.
She now as a few day's of sleeping in ......... oopppssss......NO she hasn't, she as an early 5am start tomorrow. She's going to RAF Brize Norton and will possibly get a flight. Poor girl is so tired. But like I said earlier, get's them off the streets.....and she's also doing her D of E too. Me.....well, I have been asked to be on the civilian committee. Got my first meeting soon. Missed one last week due to my Nan being poorly. Really looking forward to it! Hope I havent bored you silly. Will get some card's posted later today. Take Care all xx