Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Special Occasion's

Bette Duganitz work again. Love the Lilac's in this kit.

Audrey J Roberts - well what can I say? Her work is the best! I have been a follower of Audrey's for year's now. She just doesnt do digital work. It amazes me how this Lady fits so much in, yets as a great deal going on in her life. Inspirational.
Here is a link to her own site

© Kay Miller
Love the soft tones of her work. A pleasure to be able to use her graphic's for my card making.

© Audrey J Roberts

© Bette Dugantiz

© Ronna Penner

© Audrey J Rberts

© Lucy Hampton

© Bette Duganitz

Hand Bag style card - this one is popular for the ladies.
© Lucy Hampton

© Audrey J Roberts

© Audrey J Roberts

© Lucy Hampton - Another popular card kit

My Fav!!
© Audrey J Roberts

© Audrey J Roberts
Told you she is my all time favorate

© Lucy Hampton
Love the vintage look of this kit.

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